Thursday, April 10

david's reward

Thank you again for your votes! Accordingly, david received his reward the other day.

It was a actually several days ago now, but I had to wait until my lazy ass sketch bitch finally got around to delivering the images I asked for: over 3 full days after I told her to do them!! Believe me, we will have one very well-plugged and sore-bottomed sketch bitch once I get around to punishing her for keeping me waiting like this. A good thing the sketches are so great, or "she'd" be in real trouble.

Anyhow, this is how it went down.

We used a regular training session time after work, but I let him off his training and instead we took the full hour to reward him for his good results. david had not been let in on the reward, and so it was a nice surprise for him.

I made a point of being home for Michelle's arrival and already changed into my tight black yoga pants and pink top. When she arrived I told david that she had suggested that because he had done such a great job lately on his weight loss and exercise, that instead of a workout, Michelle had graciously offered to provide him with an exciting reward instead.

Well, I can tell you, he looked very happy. I still don't know what images were dancing in his head regarding what a reward from Michelle might entail. He has been coy on the subject. I sure hope he wasn't imagining he would get to fuck her, spank her, or receive oral from her. I guess a boy can dream, but he would also very much like what we had in store for him, I was sure.

We took him upstairs to the bedroom where all the action was going to take place.  I told him his reward would consist of "bedroom activities" so we needed the bedroom. Bedroom meant sex, and david was clearly excited that "sex" and "Michelle" were being referred to together!

I went to his "naughty drawer" and got out his pink bra and inserts and his white garter belt and stockings. I handed them to him and told him to go get changed in the ensuite and come back out when he was properly attired.

While he was changing we got out two strap-ons and placed them on the bed along with his hairbrush and a tube of lube. We used david's less challenging dildo in Michelle's strap-on. I put his more challenging dildo, Adam, into mine. When david was ready we stood him in front of the bed and then I explained exactly what his reward would consist of. He looked so cute standing there, blushing like a bride, all excited and "at attention" for us ladies!

I started by telling david that he may be wondering why he was being dressed as a girl, normally associated with punishment, if this was to be a reward session. I solved his riddle for him by telling him that Michelle had graciously offered to reward him by bending him over and performing anal intercourse on him with her strap-on dildo while I watched.  david knows that he must be dressed as a girl for strap-on play. There is a big Period on that. No questions asked. House rules. You want to get fucked like a girl? Well you're going to be made to look like one in my household, like it or not.

Men are so pathetic! As soon as I told him he was getting fucked by Michelle he unconsciously started rubbing his knees together, blushing more, and his hard cock started twitching. Ha Ha! A man's thought are so transparent when his penis is exposed like that (actually, most of the time, exposed or not, come to think of it!)

As I didn't want him embarrassing himself or me in front of Michelle, I told him that I wanted him to go to the bathroom and give himself a nice cleansing enema first. I told him that he had better be thorough, because if there was any mess when Michelle pulled out we would not get to "Part Two" of his reward (he didn't know what that was going to be, but now he knew there was a Part Two!), and instead he would be baby wiped in diaper position and then I'd let Michelle take the strap to him while I held his legs up. I added that I'd be sure to insist that Michelle aimed that strap so the end would wrap around right between his cheeks! I got a very nervous "Yes Ma'am" from him, and off he went back to the ensuite to give himself a no doubt very thorough enema while Michelle and I retired downstairs for a glass of water. A diaper position strapping is no joke, and david has felt the ends of my tawse "accidentally" whip around between his cheeks, and that is certainly no joke.

My initial thought was that it would be just too embarrassing for david if Michelle were to actually see him taking an enema. We had already done this in front of my sister and her ex-girlfriend, and david had reported extreme embarrassment. I thought that him self-administering an enema in the privacy of his own bathroom to prepare for his fucking was already quite embarrassing, so that was what I told him to do. I had had him self-administer enemas prior to anal play before, so he is a bit practised at it.

Trouble is, I wanted to embarrass him! When I figured he was about right in the middle of his enema, I asked Michelle if she would like for us to walk in on him? She was all for it. Game is that girl. I like that!

"david, are you done yet?" I yelled out as Michelle and I walked up the stairs, into the bedroom, and then into the bathroom. "No no! Not quite yet!" said david as we barged into the bathroom. There was my little husband, on his hands and knees on a large bathroom towel with a a long white enema tube sticking out of his bum and a big red hot water bottle hanging from the top of the shower by a bent wire coat hook. Michelle walked over, felt the enema bag, and declared it was almost empty.

david blushed like crazy kneeling there on all fours in his sexy lingerie with his little tail injecting him with water! Poor baby!

When Michelle told me it was fully empty I clamped off the enema hose, and gently pulled it our of his bum. I then had david stand facing the toilet and told him to hold it in for five minutes before expelling. david clenched his cheeks tightly, wiggled and squirmed, and even used his hands to help hold his cheeks together. "please???" he begged after only thirty seconds. "Ok," I relented. It wasn't a punishment enema, after all, where I would make him hold it for the full five. He didn't move immediately to the toilet, but just sort of squirmed there and pleaded at me with his eyes. I let him off the hook and told Michelle we'll give him some privacy while he expelled. "Wait until we're back downstairs," I told him. I didn't particular want Michelle grossed out by hearing, or smelling (!), that.

Michelle and I went back downstairs to chat while david finished off his business with the enema. After a while, we heard david call out from the top of the stairs that he was ready.

Up we went again. I immediately told david to bend over and hold his cheeks apart for inspection. Thanks to his Yoga practise, he was much better at bending over than before. I inspected his bumhole and found it to be squeaky clean. I asked Michelle her opinion, and she agreed he had done a very thorough job on the outside at least, and as far in as we could see...

But how about inside, where it mattered just as much? I kept david bent over and spreading as I put on a latex glove, lubed it up, and then stuck my finger inside. david moaned as I finger fucked him so deeply, and twirled around inside of him. He has a very nice prostate, and I was sure to make several passes right over that, nice and deep as he continued moaning. Now for the moment of truth!

"You had better be clean in there!" I warned as I started pulling my finger out. I pulled it fully out and had a look. It was clean as a whistle. I showed it to Michelle, and then I bent over and showed it to david as well. "Good boy!" I said as I peeled off the glove and discarded it.

"I guess it's time for your spanking then!" I said. david did not exactly look surprised. I have never fucked him without spanking his cheeks to a bright red first, and he knew it in spades.

I thought Michelle should do the honours while I watched. We had him lie across Michelle's knees. She started him with a hand spank and then moved to the hairbrush that I passed her. As she paddled his bum I stroked his head and told him what a brave boy he was, and how excited I was to get to see him fucked by Michelle!

I had Michelle do a thorough job of his spanking. I wanted him bright red and feeling her hips against his sore ass during intercourse. And while I forgot to ask Michelle, I know it always pleases me to penetrate a freshly spanked bottom, and makes me want to give it to my little submissive boy just that much better.

I had Michelle finish him off with a hard flurry while I enjoyed his reaction.

Isn't it a wonderful paradox that he gets spanked both as punishment, and as reward?

With his spanking over, I asked him if he was ready for his fucking now? He responded submissively that he was ready. We had him kneel on all fours on the bed. Then Michelle and I both put on our strap-ons over our yoga pants. We were both well-practised at it and didn't even need one another's help. Michelle also put on a pair of latex gloves.

She positioned herself at his rear, and I went to his head. "Suck it, baby!" I commanded him as I dangled the large cock in his face. He, seemingly reluctantly, put his lips around my cock and started sucking and bucking. I grabbed his head and hair for encouragement, and pulled him onto me more deeply.

He has to struggle to get his lips around Adam, and struggle to take it as deeply as I wanted him to.

Meanwhile, behind him, Michelle was lubing him up and sticking fingers into his bottom hole. She was stretching him out nicely prior to his penetration. She is so thoughtful. With my encouragement, david was bobbing up and down on my cock, but when Michelle's finger went in, he stopped dead for a second. I gently encouraged him and he started bobbing again. When the second finger went in, he again froze, and only started bobbing again after more encouragement.

When Michelle's finger came out the second time, he again stopped bobbing, and this time I let him. Michelle carefully placed the bulbous head of her dildo against david's bumhole. "ready to get fucked, baby?" I asked him. He only said "Mmmmpppph!"

Michelle then started gently pushing in. david's hands went a little frantically around my thighs as he steeled himself for his cute personal trainer's reward penetration. She grabbed his hips tightly and pushed into him, going deeply in one slow, firm, gentle thrust, penetrating him to his submissive core.

david sucked his dildo and held onto my thighs as this was going on. When Michelle was fully in, we looked up at one another and smiled again. "Ready?" we seemed to ask one another with our eyes, and then we started in.

Michelle started increasing the intensity of her thrusting, and I became more insistent on david's slurping and bobbing action on my cock. All the while, Michelle and I were smiling at each other. This was fun, double teaming my little slut! Sometimes the timing was just so, and just as david went a little deeper on my cock, just then Michelle would sometimes ram him from behind, propelling him even deeper onto me and eliciting a frantic gagging. It seems to be a little rough on him getting double-teamed like this. Ha Ha!

But that was not the point. We eased off when stuff like that happened, and returned to a slower, gentler rhythm. I wanted him fucked sensually, and I wanted him to enjoy the action of submissively sucking on my big dick. Once Michelle got going, david sort of moved with it and moaned around the mouth cock each time the bum cock went in.

What was really fun for me was was that Michelle would bang him from behind, which caused his body to move and his head to move on my cock. To keep from getting deep-throated every time, david's mouth would clamp down on my cock. However, his motion against the clamped penis pushed the cock into me so that I was actually feeling Michelle's thrusts in my pussy. Yum!

I thought it was a particularly good choice that he was in bra, stockings and garter belt, with a freshly spanked bottom for this spit-roasting. He did look all the world like a little whore slut taking it from two guys in two holes at once, and we certainly told him so.

I gave Michelle a signal, and she slowly pulled out of his ass while I did the same from his mouth. As we dismounted him, david collapsed face down on the bed, sighing with pleasure.

We took off our strap-ons and put them aside. I told david that Michelle's cock was clean as a whistle (which it was), and so we could forgo the diaper-position strapping, and we could go on to Part Two of his reward instead.

I told him to turn over and to lie face up, and scooch down the bed a bit. As I mentioned earlier, I wore my tightest black yoga pants. They are of a slightly thicker fabric, a bit wet-suit like if you know what I mean? But they also hug my contours quite closely. I don't wear them out much in public, as they really hug too closely to, ahem, my finer detail shall we say, down there! With these tight pants on I then mounted him, facing down his body, and sat on his face.

david immediately could not breathe, and he struggled to get his hands and arms out from where they were pinned to his sides and to use them to lift some of the weight off of himself by pushing up on my bum. Once I felt his hands on my bum, I could immediately hear him breathing again. That's good!

Michelle meanwhile had positioned herself to the side of him and started in on his handy. As david felt the lube going on and her gentle hand on his cock he started moaning again. david told me after that he was not expecting this, in fact any of it, and certainly not a handjob from his cute young trainer at all. But he was in boy heaven, no doubt about that, about to be stroked and allowed a release from a woman not even his wife.

Michelle muttered to herself, "this won't work", and re-positioned so that she straddled his legs facing up his body, towards me. "That's better!" she said, as she adjusted her weight on david so that they were both comfortable. She then reached down and began stroking his penis in earnest.

So there we were, me on his face, and Michelle on his legs. He was held completely and totally immobile by us, with not even his arms free as he needed those desperately to relieve the weight on his face and allow himself to breathe.

We could both feel him bucking beneath us as Michelle skilfully manipulated his cock. She started off slowly with long strokes, twisting her hand around the tip and shaft as she traveled up. Michelle had actually done this kind of work professionally, and so she knew what she was doing!

Meanwhile, I started noticing david's tongue actually getting busy!! The little slut was using her tongue to lick me on my yoga pants where they covered my pussy and asshole . While Michelle could not see this, it must have nonetheless been a submissive thrill for david to be doing this in her presence. I couldn't feel the usual wetness of his tongue that I so enjoy, but nonetheless appreciated the pressure and his efforts! I guess he thought it was fitting, as did I, that he should only cum at the hand of another girl with his tongue straining to get into his wife's asshole.

Michelle started getting more serious about making him cum. She took a lighter grip and started a very fast and loose up and down motion. There was a rapid slapping sound each time the lower edge of her hand slapped down on his abdomen. Sixteenth notes on a 4/4 time signature with a metronome marking of 60, I would say. This was accompanied by a fast, wet, lubey, splooshy sound on the up stroke. I could see the tip of his penis the whole time, so her fist never went up above there, but rather seemed to rapidly rub the side of his tip on the up stroke, and of course the whole shaft very rapidly.

Whatever she was doing, it seemed to be extremely effective because david started tonguing me more frantically, wiggling around like crazy (though not moving at all!), and moaning out loud.

"There you go! There you go!" said Michelle as david exploded cum out the tip of his cock. She slowed down and milked the rest out of him onto his tummy.

I dismounted his head and Michelle his legs. david had a massive smile on his face and was breathing hard. "Thank you so much!" is the first thing he said, to the both of us.

I had prepared Michelle previously regarding my "you spurt it, you eat it" rule as it applies to males under my roof (i.e., david!). Michelle sort of bounced off him and bounced to his side on the bed, scooped up some cum on her fingers and brought it to his mouth saying "I hear you have to eat this now..."

david looked very bashful but said "yes ma'am" as Michelle started finger-feeding him his own cum. Michelle was very careful and scooped up all his cum (along with a lot of lube) and smeared it onto his lips and face and towards his mouth. She seemed to really enjoy this part as she had a big grin on her face as she did it!

david took it all into his mouth and all down the hatch with an exaggerated swallowing action.

"Did you like your reward?" I asked him?

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, enthusiastically.

"Keep going like you have been and maybe we can do that again." said Michelle.

"Yes Ma'am, Thank you Ma'am!" he said again.

Michelle and I both laughed and left him to clean himself up.


Wednesday, April 2

The Vote is In!

Thank you all so much for voting!

I tallied all the suggestions and added them up. Where people suggested more than one of the four, I split the single vote in fractions. Total votes were 37.
  1. Hand job from me  - 2.5 votes
    Our least popular option. Good thing. Sounds like too much work for me!
  2. Hand job from Michelle  - 8.75 votes
    The runner up activity!
  3. Anal from me - 7 votes
    I think folks want to see Michelle play a more active role. So would david!
  4. Anal from Michelle - 18.75 votes
    The clear winner!
It looks like david is going to be bending over and submitting to anal intercourse from his young trainer while I watch. Poor baby will be soooo embarrassed to have to submit to that! She's so young to be doing that to her older charge.

I think that because it is a reward after all, david should be allowed a satisfying release after submitting to intercourse. So I will also choose the runner up activity: a "handy" from Michelle (she offered!).

When we look in the category of "other activities". These were the ones on offer:
  1. Spanking - 18.5 votes
    There was fairly unanimous agreement that david should have to submit to a spanking, mostly before the intercourse is administered. Opinions varied on who should do it and the severity. I am going to go with Michelle administering a fairly strict over-the-knee spanking with his hairbrush on his bare bottom. I want Michelle to have the visual of the red bum as she is penetrating, and I want david to feel her banging up against his sore ass as she thrusts.
  2. Oral - 4 votes
    Had a number of people suggesting that david perform fellatio on my strap-on while he is receiving intercourse from Michelle. I think this is a great idea and will definitely incorporate it. I was not intending to make him submit anally to his largest dildo, Adam, but I think he should be required to do so orally.
  3. Face Sitting - 3 votes
    Repeated more than once was some face sitting. I think I can make this work. I will wear my tightest black spandex yoga pants, and sit on his face while Michelle gives him his handjob. Seems like a perfect perch to observe the action!
  4. Cunnilingus and Ass Licking - 3 votes
    One for having him lick Michelle's pussy, one for having him lick mine while Michelle fucks him, and another for my delicate rosebud while this is going on. Sorry. Michelle and I are both going to stay clothed for this event.
  5. Miscellaneous - 3 votes
    One for having him take a real cock (he's not ready for that yet), one for having him cum into his pants (I like that, but will save it for another time!), and one for an enema (a practical suggestion that I think would make me feel more comfortable about Michelle giving him anal).
So there you have it! I will have him femmed up for the event (he needs to be femmed to receive anal, no?).

He will give himself an enema. We will spank him. We will then spit roast him, and end with a face sitting from me while Michelle brings him to release with her hand. He will, of course, be required to swallow afterwards. I am looking forward to it!

Sunday, March 30

Should I let his trainer hand-job him?

As a response to my last post, lill jo drew me a picture.

That's about the scene, all right. david is stripped fully nude for his weigh-ins by his trainer whether he likes it or not. And even now, after this having been repeated dozens of times, it's true that he still sprouts an erection. We always tease him about his erections, because it's really him getting excited by submitting to a woman, even if it's his young physical trainer of all things who is about to (quite literally) kick his ass!

I write today, because Michelle is very happy with david's progress. She has earned herself another bonus and david is looking very fit. She offered that really david should be getting a reward. I asked her what she had in mind. She suggested maybe a hand job or a nice ass fucking. I asked me or you? She said, "either way" so long as it's what I wanted and so long as I was present. She could watch or she could do the honors while I watched. Well that sounded very non-threatening to me.

Let's put it to a vote, why don't we? Those are the four choices:
  1. hand job from me while Michelle watches,
  2. hand job from Michelle while I watch,
  3. gentle anal sex with a strap-on from me while Michelle watches,
  4. gentle anal sex with a strap-on from Michelle while I watch.
Whichever one of those 4 options you choose, you can also suggest some embellishments such as what the other person should do while this is going on, his outfit, a spanking before or after, the position we should put him in, a relevant preparation for him, and so on.

Let me know. Majority rules!

Thursday, March 20

Spanked Red by Trainer

I came home a bit early today and arrived just as david's training session with Michelle was about to start so I observed it all.

Michelle started by taking david up to the bedroom and making him strip to nude. Despite his familiarity with the process, he is still embarrassed to be fully nude like that in front of his Lulu-bedecked trainer. He blushes and develops the beginnings of a stiffy.

This time because we were both there and we talked about the progress he has made in shedding fat and building sleek muscle from the Yoga. He really is looking very good! I especially commented on how skinny his ass has become, and emphasized my point by grabbing and squeezing it. Michelle had a feel as well and agreed it had shrunk and hardened up nicely.

Michelle then said "come on", grabbed him by his semi-stiffened penis, and led him to the ensuite where the bathroom scale is located (bold as anything, grabbing his cock like that in front of me!)

She had a good grip on him and it was funny to see him hop along behind her, close enough that the pressure on his penis is relieved, but not so close that he runs over her as she leads him. She was none too gentle either!

He made weight once again, and is on a bit of a streak with a new bonus for Michelle coming up around the corner (7 days in a row under the next weight threshold and she gets a bonus - we were on day 4 and hanging in there).

She then led him back into the bedroom, went to his clothes drawers and chose to dress him in a tight Lululemon (male) top that hugged his new found physique and showed off his stiff little nipples nicely. That and a pair of loose shorts, no underwear.

We then went down to the living room where they push the furniture to the side and put down their yoga mats. Before they got started, Michelle informed david that he needed a spanking to make sure he stayed motivated to be under the threshold for the next 3 days.

I was a fly on the wall for this, and enjoyed watching Michelle "do her stuff" with my boy.

She made him strip nude again (why dress him if you're just going to make him undress a minute later?). She then sat on the two seater couch and had him across her lap. She made sure his right hand was grabbing the sofa leg, that his head was on the ground, and that his feet were off the ground. No question about it: david was about to be spanked bare naked across his trainer's knee!

She sentenced him to 100 strokes of the little hardwood paddle. The paddle was right there beside the sofa where we keep it within easy reach.

The first 50 she gave him in sets of ten at a time with breaks for rubbing and motivational talk between the sets. During these, she rubbed his glutes hard and also squeezed them and parted his cheek to expose his bottom hole to her. Her hand never touched his bumhole or his balls during this, but the teasing was evident and david reacted by moaning and alternately pushing his ass up in the air and then grinding his private parts into her yoga-panted lap. He would then stick his ass up high for his next ten, breathlessly, begging for the strokes with his bum and putting on a real sex show for us at the same time. All in all it was a shameful performance. And one that might need to be dealt with later...

The last 50 were given hard and fast and continuously. david was again breathless, though in a different way. I don't think he breathed at all during those last quick fifty!

His eyes were wide, his mouth was open, looking like he was going to scream, but not doing it. Sort of like a silent scream if you know what I mean? The strokes each sounded like gunshots and were clearly very very hard. Michelle has a lot of yoga-powered arm-strength, and I could see that even she was exerting herself for these last 50. His ass got very, very red.

"Get up!" she said, in a sort of disgusted voice. He stood sheepishly. And you know what? There it was. A giant, full-blown, full-grown erection. Quiveringly hard in fact and arcing up towards the ceiling. Michelle and I both teased david over what a perv he was for reacting like that to what for all purposes looked like a pretty darned severe trainer-paddling!

Michelle told me she enjoys seeing him hard, and then letting him stay that way without any relief. She says it gives her a kick.

Michelle told him to get his clothes on, which he did, though he was definitely tenting his gym shorts. Then, in honour of my presence, she had david put on a demonstration of what yoga he had learned so far. He went through an extended sequence of moves she had taught him. She was very strict with him, giving him harsh little reminders along the way to pull in his shoulder blades, not bunch his toes, keep his arms straight, bend his knee more, and so on.

At one point he totally confused a move. Michelle jumped up from her seat telling him that was entirely unacceptable. I guess david knew this routine. He pulled down his pants to the floor and bent forward and grabbed his ankles.

Michelle came behind him and gave him some very hard hand spanks onto his already red bum. david had to struggle to keep his balance during his punishment. She went to sit down and david pulled his pants back up and restarted the botched movement.

"No! From the beginning!" said Michelle. poor david had to start the rather gruelling sequence of moves over again from the very start. He didn't miss that posture the second time, though Michelle still had plenty of small things to critique along the way.

Once he got to the end we both applauded his efforts. david was sweating and rung out. Time was up and Michelle had to skedaddle to another client. I paid her on the way out and thanked her for her continued efforts.

Hey, it's the results that count!

Friday, March 14

Husband Slut-Spanked

There's something I like to do to my david every now and then: give him a proper slut-spanking.

What is a "slut spanking" you may ask. Let's start with the definition of a "slut" as "a sexually promiscuous woman". Promiscuous generally means multiple sexual partners, but I like to think it can also apply to hyper-sexual behavior in general even when not involving multiple partners.

For example, a woman whose pussy dampens as soon as she sees her husband's hard cock, and then debases herself by begging to suck on it and get fucked by it. I think we can use the term "slut" to apply to her, but in the best sense of that word. Nothing negative about it. No slut-shaming going on here. In fact, many husbands would want their wives to be sluts for them, in this sense of the word.

Now I know there are women who dislike the word. I'm not one of them. I love the word. Though I am not a slut myself, I can only admire women who have the cheek to be sluts.

I then consider a slut spanking to be a spanking given to a woman to playfully "shame her" and "punish her" for being a slut.

Imagine once again that woman that was so turned on by her husband's big cock that she dampened herself and begged to suck on it. That husband would be fully justified if he took his little slut across his knee, and gave her a spanking for being such a slut.

Or perhaps ass up on the bed instead?

A good position for a slut, to be sure.

Our little slut, in turn, would only be getting wetter and wetter and more and more eager for the cock as her bare bottom was spanked. And if the man were to pause the spanking, reach between her legs, and discover her even more disgraced state? Let the punishment fit the crime! I imagine her legs would be spread and the spanking would continue to her sensitive low inner cheeks, with her husband's fingertips flicking against her soggy pussy on every spank, "punishing" it well.

Of course, after it's all over the slut will be hugged and loved, red bottom notwithstanding.

But before that, or maybe right after, I'll bet that slut would finally get, in spades, what her wet little pussy has been begging for.

Close up of a slut's wet pussy and eager asshole
Why all this talk about women? I know the demographic of my reader. My boys see a photo such as the one above, and their only thought would be to lick it. They wouldn't dare presume to fuck! And not even lick the wet pussy. They would not imagine they were good enough for that. No. My boys would imagine their tongues going right up that asshole. Am I not right, boys? Is that not all you imagine you deserve? Well I agree with you. I think that if you are a male who fantasizes about being spanked by a woman, i.e., not a "real man" in the sexual sense, then that is basically all you deserve. I know, the truth hurts. Now DO try to not mess up your computer screen by masturbating onto the photo of the nice woman's asshole, ok?

But I digress. The reason I start with women is that "slut" is a term applied to women. Something my husband told me a long time ago has stuck with me: that I should use derogatory terms for a female to apply to him. I have interpreted that, successfully, to mean such words as "bitch", "cunt", "pussy", "whore", "tramp", "slut" and so on. And also referring to his asshole as his "pussy", his cock as his "clit," and his erection as him being "wet".

So it is only natural, therefore, that in our household it is my husband who is the recipient of the "slut spanking", not I.

When I decide to give him a slut spanking I will often start by having him dress in racy stockings, garter, and panties. Despite the acquisition of his new bra and falsies, I will have him be bare breasted so that I can tug and tease his nipples. Maybe bind him and gag him, and have him in stiletto heels for me.

He will get hard for me. He always does. That's when the slut spanking starts.

He'll go right across my knee. I will feel his slutty little erection poking me in the thigh. He'll get told off for that. Told off for being wet. Told off for being a wet slut across my knee, even though he is about to be spanked. I'll reach between his pantied legs and fondle that wet clit of his, checking to see exactly how much of a slut he is. He will moan and buck his ass. That won't help his cause at all. In fact, for continuing to be such a slut, even when punishment for it is imminent, he will have his panties lowered. Oh yes, my little slut will have her bottom bared for her punishment!

Not only will her cute buns be displayed, but her tight little pussy hole will be visible to me as well. Now my little slut has a hormonal imbalance, it's called being a male, and she does not generate enough lubrication in her pussy on her own, even despite her highly sexed state. I will compensate for this with a tube of lube that I will liberally use to wet her pussy for her, and her clit, and my thighs if they are bare.

With her panties down I will spank her cheeks. I will pause every now and then to test the wetness in her clit, and the new wetness in her pussy. When she moans again I will tell her off, call her a slut, a whore, a tramp. I will spank her with my open palm.

I will make her spread her legs across my knee, and my palm will spank her lower, inner cheeks while my fingers wrap around to spank her balls, her bumhole. She will behave as a slut is expected to behave. She will harden even more, right across my lap during her spanking if you can believe it!

I will tease her with a finger into her pussy. Do you like this, whore? Do you like my finger fucking your pussy, whore? How about two? She will moan and push her ass into my fingers. What a tramp!

Now my slut is nothing if not sexually responsive. After a few minutes of this it will all be too much for her, and writhing her bare clit across my bare lubed-up thighs she will likely cum as I spank her. My slut is a gusher. She will come all over my lap. Bad Girl!

It will then be "clean-up duty" for my slut. With her mouth and tounge only. She had better do a good job. My strap is nearby...

So that, gentle readers, is a slut spanking. It is a very enjoyable evening between a wife and her husband, and I can highly recommend it.

Friday, March 7

Sister Feels Up My Husband

Believe me when I say I am delighted with david's recent purchases (see Bra Fitting at Victoria's Secret!). I like it so much, in fact, that I absolutely needed to show off my husband's new breasts to my sister Sue!

So I invited her. I had phoned her soon after our shopping trip so she knew already that david had a new bra and was filling it out nicely with realistic inserts. So it wasn't to be a surprise to Sue. She was eager to see for herself, though. She and I arranged a visit. She told me she would only be able to stay for a short time, however we did make plans for a little extra surprise for david that she agreed to do for me. I am her only kink outlet right now, so I figure it's good for her.

As a refresher, here is what the bra looks like on a proper Victoria's Secret model.

I thought, wouldn't david look marvelous modelling that for Sue? Especially if he was filling out his cups like this woman!

Here is david's bra with the inserts.

Notice how there are a pair that fit under, and another pair that fit over. The little notch in the bottom ones is for his nipples.

Here is how they fit inside the bra, leaving room for his nipple and filling out the B-cup nicely.

They are very squishable too, and feel real. This was all new to me, and it felt like a jigsaw puzzle as I was figuring it out (I've never had to bra-stuff myself).

For this post, I managed to snap a couple of photos of david showing off his B-Cup breasts. I did this to humiliate him. I told him I would be sending the photos around to ALL my friends! Of course I was kidding, and he begged me afterwards to please delete them. After much pleading on his part and teasing on mine, I eventually did promise to not email them anywhere and to delete them off my phone. You'll be happy to know I did delete them all off my phone and I have not emailed any.

Here is david in his bra.

I just don't know why, but there's something very sexy about having breasts on my man. The wife I've always wanted. Housework, bitch, NOW! Is it wrong of me to want to get him double-D's? I'd love to watch the girls dangle as he scrubs the toilets...

Don't be bashful, sweetie, lift up your shirt for us...

Awwwww.  Soooo cute!!! david, you are going to get felt up like a teenaged girl on Prom night when my sister gets here!

I decided to dress david in the same grey t-shirt and jeans we went shopping in. Bra and panties underneath, of course.

Yes, I know, I really need to go back and get him a matching set.
But I figured this is what I had to work with for Sue's visit.

david knew he was dressing for Sue's visit. He was quite reluctant. He seems to be exceptionally bashful about the idea of showing my sister his new breasts. I told him that if he persisted in his obstinacy then Sue would get to see him bent over the back of the couch, panties down, for a grade-A punishment strapping. He would then be put into his breasts anyways, and on top of that he would be spending all next weekend, night and day, with breasts. I asked if he wanted that instead?  We reached common ground, agreeing he did not want that, and would prefer showing his new breasts to Sue without the big fuss.

So he dressed in his t-shirt and jeans over his bra and panties and waited in the family room, watching television, until Sue arrived. Big breasts and everything. Ha!

When the doorbell rang, I told david to answer it. He made his way to the door, checked out the peephole first, and then opened the door, hiding behind it, as Sue walked in.

Sue immediately let out a big "Oh No!" type gasp, and turned him to face her. She spun him around and looked at him from all angles.

"They look so real!" Sue said. "I thought they'd look ridiculous, but they actually look pretty good," she added while david stood there, blushing severely!

david took her coat, and we all went to the living room where I served tea for Sue and myself. david sat by himself in a solitary chair. Sue was alone on the couch.

I told david to be more friendly and to go sit next to his sister-in-law. Sue looked like the cat that was about to eat the canary, and david looked like the canary!

"You need to feel them, they even feel real." I told her.

"They do, do they?" asked Sue as she reached a hand around david's shoulders, and started feeling him up with her other hand. "Wow. Those are amazing. I'm actually getting turned on." (Sue likes women, in case you didn't know that already).

"Lift up your shirt for Sue, baby. Show her your bra. Don't be a tease."

david sat on the edge of the couch and lifted his shirt up above his bra, to his neck, closing his eyes and looking ashamed. Sue admired the pretty pink bra and how well david was filling it. Very unexpectedly (to him) she grabbed the back of his head with one hand, grabbed one of his tits with another, started feeling him up hard and kissing him flush on the mouth! With tongue!

This was my surprise for david that Sue and I had arranged. I thought it would be fun to have him treated like a Prom date by my very gorgeous, ex-cheerleader, ex-fetish-model, sister.

She broke off, and with a big grin for me she said "Hope you don't mind. I can't resist a girl showing me her big tits in a pretty bra."

david looked stunned. The only kisses he had ever received before this from my sister were chaste and on his cheek. He told me after that Sue's tongue penetrated him deeply and he felt very tongue fucked into his mouth. Because he's a good boy, he was a gentleman about it, and did everything he could to keep his own tongue out of Sue's way, not reciprocating at all (he joked that he knew his ass would be strapped black and blue if he did - right thing!)

I didn't mind at all. I liked it! I knew she was teasing him and was doing it for me. Frankly, it even turned me on a little seeing my sister "have her way" with him like that.

david's stunned look started turning into a suppressed grin.  I think he liked being kissed by my sister!

"david! I hope you didn't enjoy that. Stand up! You better not be excited!"

I went over and grabbed his cock. Sure enough, he was hard.

"That is disgusting, david! You react like that, to my sister? You are getting a whipping, young man! Now bend over the back of the couch and drop your pants."

"I can't stay, you know." Said Sue quickly.

"I know," I said.

david went over to the couch, dropped his trousers to pool around his ankles showing off his pretty sheer black panties, and bent over double so his breasts were dangling in front of his face. His shirt was still raised above his bra. I went behind him and lowered his panties to his ankles, and removed the leather belt from around the waistband of his lowered trousers while I was down there.

"There," I said to Sue. "You should think of him like that as you go."

"Awww," said Sue, "You know I'd love to stay to watch him get spanked, but I've really got to go. I'm already late meeting my friend... Next time, I'll make it up to you guys, I promise!"

"Well, thank you for treating him like a little Prom Queen," I  said. "I'm sure he enjoyed that. That was CLEARLY a very nice kiss you gave him."

I hought I would tease him just a bit more before Sue left: "david, are you still hard, young man? Let's see, stick it out back behind your legs." david reluctantly put his cock and balls back between his legs and pressed his thighs together keeping them there. He was still erect. Would his shaming never end?

"Oh david!" I said. "Will I have to masturbate you after your whipping?" I turned to Sue, "If he goes to bed in that state he'll be tossing and turning all night and I won't get a wink of sleep."

"Well," said Sue, "I'd love to stay and help you with that, but I do have to go."

Then she went over to david who was still bent over the couch, panties down, B-cups on display, bare ass high, anal pucker visible, erect genitalia pushed out behind him. "Bye, bye, sweetie. You look darling in that new bra. And I'm sorry I got you all excited down here," she said, as she patted his testicles, feeling him up for a second time that evening. Then she bent way down and gave him a kiss on his cheek while squeezing his balls.

I think Sue enjoys making sure david is excited for me to play with. It is true that he will have this immense sexual energy all night that we can have some fun with. And while playing with a guy's equipment does not particularly do anything for Sue as far as I know, I'm sure some of the sexual energy rubs off on her as well. And she was heading out for a date with a girl, so who knows...?

I showed Sue out, still holding the belt in my hand.

"You two crazy kids have fun now!" she yelled out as she exited my front door.

Mmmmmm... I was intending to I thought to myself as I turned to contemplate my husband's quivering bare cheeks and the doubled-up leather belt in my hand...

Friday, February 28

Bra Fitting at Victoria's Secret!

The other day when I was punishing david for overspending I made him dress in his schoolgirl outfit which included a bra under his blouse. He kept his blouse on for most of the punishment, but when he started undressing afterwards it reminded me of how ill-fitting and cheap looking his bra was. Well, I decided to do something about that, so I took david to get fitted for a proper bra this week. And where else?

Victoria's Secret of course! OMG, this has always been a fantasy of ours, to take him there and get him properly fitted, and we finally did it. Yay!

We walked in together and we started browsing.

We were not approached by any of the sales ladies, but I would have liked to have been. So we started looking. I wanted pink for him. I knew he needed 40" and likely an AA cup. I also new Vickies would not have that, but I wanted to see how close they got and maybe get some advice from the sales ladies.

From just browsing, it appeared that the largest around they carried was 38", and if you went that large around, all they had was a B cup or bigger. And the selection was not strong at 38B, but we found one that looked like it would do.

So there I am, holding one, and trying to figure out if 38 would fit around him. I did not want to put it on him right there in the open store (and likely get asked to leave!). Instead, I took the bra and bravely marched off on my lonseome in search of some sales help.

I found a friendly looking, pretty and young (but not too young) sales assistant. I started very tentatively asking her if I could trouble her, and then asking if the store was open to alternative lifestyles? You see, I don't want to pull anybody into our kink without their cooperation, so I was prepared to walk away if things were not heading in the right direction. Fortunately, she responded very enthusiastically and asked what she could do for me. Heart pounding but outwardly cool, I told her that I had brought my submissive with me (I didn't mention he was my husband, just my "submissive"), and that he had always wanted to buy a bra to wear himself, and that I had agreed to help him, but that I also needed some help making sure we got one that would fit.

As soon as I said that, her eyes positively lit up!  She was delighted to help me. She said she could put us into their largest changing room, with a big mirror, and get the sales lady who was expert at bra fitting to measure him and pick several things that would work and have him try them on (!!!). Wow.

She walked back with me towards david, who was quietly standing there, back to a counter, looking down at his feet in a very abashed sort of way. I introduced him, "this is the man". She reiterated to david that she was very happy to assist and took us towards the changing rooms. We waited at the entrance to the change area while the room they had in mind was tidied up. She also went off to brief the lady who fits the bras.

In a couple of moments she was back with the other sales lady in tow. This one was blonde, slim and petite with glasses and a tape measure around her neck. Both ladies showed us into the change room where the rules were explained to us. They were not allowed to leave mixed sex couples in the change rooms alone, but it was ok for me to stand just outside the door, keep it open a crack, and look in when neither of them were there.

We went into the large change room, the fitting lady, david, and I, and she closed the door.

She started asking david about styles, but he stammered and deferred to me. I told her he wanted something ultra-feminine, preferably pink colored, and without an underwire. She asked about a push-up, and I suggested a fuller cup. She told him to raise his hands above his head, and she cinched the tape measure around his bust tightly (over his shirt) and measured him at just under 40". She said they only carry in the store up to 38 (as I had found out on my own), but she thought it would probably work. We had the 38B we had previously picked out in hand, and she suggested he try that on while she went to look for others that might fit as well.

When she left, I told david to try it on and stepped out as well, keeping the door open a crack. david took off his shirt. He had a tight dark grey T-shirt on underneath. He looked quite good, as he has been really losing weight nicely and developing some sleek musculature under Michelle's guidance.

Poor baby had no clue how to put on a bra, though, and backed up to the door, asking for me to help. I loosened the bra straps and fastened it in back. It went around him fine. He looked so cute in his tight dark grey t-shirt and pale pink bra. Here is the exact one from the website:

It's the "Body by Victoria - No-Wire - 38B - in colour Pink Daisy," Isn't it darling! Just imagine my david standing there in the change room adjusting the cups of that gorgeous bra over what non-existent breasts he has!

The bra fitting lady came back with another couple of bras in hand. I was still standing outside and told her he had just put on the pink one. "Well let's see it!" she said and barged right into the change room. She made david face her and adjusted where the bra set a little. She said it was fine around but that the cup size was really too big. She had another she thought might sit flatter on him, but I didn't like the style or colour (it was too plain and beige). She then suggested that if we liked he could try some inserts to fill out the cups?

I jumped in and said that would be great, and also asked david who nodded in the affirmative, too embarrassed to actually speak. She said she would go get some samples for him to try. In the meantime he should try on the other bra she brought for fit, and that she might be able to find something similar more in his desired colour and style.

She left again and I shuffled outside the door. For a brief moment the door was pretty wide open and david was visible in the change room in all his glory in his pretty pink bra. At that moment a woman customer walked by and did a genuine double-take as she passed the change room door. Ha Ha!

The first sales lady also came by and asked how it was going. I opened the door and showed her david in his lovely pink bra. She went in and I followed. She was wondering where her colleague was, and I told her what had transpired and that she was off looking for more bras and to bring us some inserts to try. She agreed that inserts would help a lot as it didn't look good with the cup collapsed in like that.

Then she left again, and again the door was wide open for a bit by her doing. The big change room we were in was immediately off the entrance way, and hence a fairly high traffic area. There were several women milling out there near the entrance to the changing area waiting for sales assistants and rooms.  Several other female customers and sales assistants got eyefulls as well as I was none too quick to close the door despite the terrified pleading look in my husband's eyes. Let them all see me put my submissive through his bra-fitting paces! It was totally amazing.

david asked my assistance to take off the pink bra. I made him come to me at the door and turn to face away from me as I unhooked his bra, propping the door open with my foot as I did so. We then tried the beige one, but it was a complete no go. Even though it too was a 38, it didn't have the extra hooks at the back that the pink one had, and hence did not fit around him at all, despite all my tugging.

Just then the bra fitting lady returned. She said she was not able to find any others in stock with his desired look. I told her the beige one didn't fit anyways, but that we were very happy with the pink. She and I entered the room and asked david to put the pink bra back on again. I helped him hook it in back. The sales lady then put the inserts in herself, fussing quite a bit in the process with his bra. She was great though. Absoutely no-nonsense. Definitely a dommy personality.

But the inserts. What a difference! Suddenly david was filling out his bra. A true B-cup! I got excited thinking about the fashion possibilities of a husband with big tits, and also getting excited about spanking and fucking him in his filled-out bra!

david looked at himself in the mirror, and the look on his face was priceless! Talk about embarrassed. He was visibly blushing all the way from his cheeks down to his neck. I could also spot a strong erection in his pants (not sticking out or anything, just lying there diagonally in his designer jeans). I'm sure our lady saw the blush (and perhaps the stiffness as well), but she got even more enthusiastic about helping. After seeing him with his inserts, all sorts of other ideas came to her about other styles he might try on. Poor david, though, looked positively done, and he shook his head no. I took pity on him and told her that he was very happy with this one he had on, and with his inserts.

She asked if there was anything else she could help with, anything else at all? I turned to david and asked if we should look for a bra and panty set, maybe with matching stockings and garter belt? david just looked down at the ground, still wearing his pretty bra and inserts, and shook his head and mumbled, no, he was good, thank you. I turned to the lady and said "I think he's done..." She looked up at him, smiled a big smile, and said, "Yeah, I see what you mean..." david looked positively miserable, almost to the point of tears.

In retrospect, I think that is what she does in these situations. She calls their bluff and raises them. "You want to go bra shopping? I'll see you that, and raise you an extra dose of humiliation just by being super nice, dragging it out, keeping you dressed up, and not caring what other women in the store know what you are doing and see you dressed like that. We'll see who gets tired of this game and folds first!" And it was david who folded first. Like a cheap suit!

I released david from his bra and we handed the lady back the sample inserts. She handed us a pretty box with brand new packaged inserts inside in a silky bag. I thanked her profusely. Just then the other sales assistant walked by as well, and we thanked her and told her we had everything we needed and were very happy. They both said they were happy to help us and we should come back any time at all. Talk about welcoming!

I walked with david to the front of the store and we went up to a cashier. She was a very young lady, looked to be only about nineteen or so, though I am just guessing. She asked if we had found everything we were looking for. I said we had. david put down the bra and the inserts on the counter. He paid cash. I could see a little smirk on the checkout girl's face. Like she was trying so hard to hold in a laugh-out-loud guffaw. Meanwhile, david was still miserable and blushing as the checkout girl neatly packed our items and put them into a pretty Victoria's Secret shopping bag. Everything is so pretty at Vickie's!

Of course I made sure david was the one she handed the bag to, and david was the one who carried it out the door and through the mall and back to our car.

As soon as I got him back home, I made him shave off all his hair from waist to neck (downstairs was already well-shaven from a few days ago), including his underarms, and put him into a hot shower and had him wash and scrub himself pink.

When he emerged, I dried him myself and then put him into his bra and some relatively well-matched panties we already had. I placed the inserts and cupped his breasts. They felt real!

I then sat on the side of the bed and took him across my knee, making sure that both his legs and his upper chest were resting comfortably on the bed. I wanted him to experience his new breasts pushing into the bed as he was being spanked.

He later on told me that it was amazing. That he actually felt that he had real breasts and that he was experiencing what a woman feels when she is chest down against something.

I lowered his panties and gave him a mild hand spanking, telling him how pretty he looked with his new tits and his new feminine and sexy Victoria's Secret bra.

After his bottom was as pink as his bra, I removed his panties completely, put him on his back on the bed, and put on my smaller strap-on dildo. He was as hard as I've ever seen him. I then went and kneeled up next to him, and made him give oral sex to my dildo.

It was so weird. From the waist up, with his pink bra and his new breasts, and with a lifelike dick in his mouth, he looked like a woman. From the waist down, he was all throbbing man!

I then put him on all fours on the bed. I lubed him and entered him, making slow and gentle love to his boy-pussy.

I reached around and grabbed his tits, squeezing them, as I made love to him. I say again: they felt so real!! I grabbed his hips and became a bit more forceful, making his new tits jiggle as I fucked him.

I pulled out, ripped off the dildo and my own panties, straddled his face, and made him lick me. I was facing down his body so I could see his breasts clearly. I came twice in that position. Then I lubed his cock, and made him lick my asshole as I used my hand on him. My left hand strayed to my clit and I came once more before he exploded all over himself. I dismounted, and fed him his cum from my fingers, watching him swallow.

OMG is all I can say!

Saturday, February 22

Dinner for david

As I recounted in my last post, Husband belt whipped for overspending, david put a lot of money on our credit card without discussing it with me first. I gave him a very thorough punishment where I laid out some new rules for him, and then told him that as additional punishment he may not cum for a week (no masturbation, no diddling of himself, no nothing).

I’ve been monitoring him pretty closely, not leaving him alone with his computer, and making sure that if he is alone in bed, he has his wooly mittens taped on until morning.

Oh yes I did! It adds to the fun.

So unless he has been able to get himself off at work (which I sincerely doubt), then he has not gotten himself off at all. I also tested him with a little fondle each day, and can confirm that he has been hardening quicker than ever, and staying hard longer.

These little “test sessions” were very amusing as well. I would arrange things such that as I was preparing a quick something for dinner I would make him drop his pants and undies, have him hold up his shirt, and then I would give his penis a little hand attention there in the kitchen. I would remind him why he was being punished and then leave him standing there all hard and bothered while I prepared dinner. I made sure I could see him, hands at his sides, cock quivering, until the erection subsides, at which point he is allowed to pull up his trousers, sit and eat with me, and then clean up the kitchen by himself.

This one week deprivation is very unusual for david, whom I say on average ejaculates every one to two days, often with his own hand in front of the computer. Unlike some wives, I don’t mind, so long as he is ready to service me on demand. And I care only that his tongue is skillful and enthusiastic, that his ass is willing and greedy, and I could honestly care less if his cock is hard.

I teased him by saying at the end of his week, I would invite a lady over for dinner, ejaculate him, and he would be dining on his own cum in front of us.

Well, I have a reality-based blog to write, and am lucky enough to have some close confidantes in Sue and Michelle, and so was determined to make this happen as promised.

I txt’d Michelle first with the general plan ("stay for dinner Friday and help me with david?"), and she was happy to provide an assist as she was there anyways for Friday training session. I did not let on to david that this had been pre-arranged. I think he thought I was just teasing him. Ha!

Michelle came over after work yesterday, and I was sure to be there. I had been rushing home from work every day to monitor david - If I do this deprivation thing again I really do need a chastity device with a lock and key as there is no way I could keep this up for any extended period of time!

As you might know already from my blog, Michelle is a part-time domme and a part-time trainer specializing in Yoga. She gets more per session than the average at-home trainer, but she certainly does a better job holding david's interest, and the fitness results have been great.

All david’s training sessions start with a weigh-in, nude of course to set the right tone. This is followed by a spanking across Michelle’s knee, either as punishment or encouragement depending on his progress.

Michelle always chooses david's gym outfit for him and dresses him in it. Sometimes he gets a shirt and sometimes he is topless. Sometimes he has underwear, sometimes panties, sometimes it's no shorts, and sometimes it's a skirt. She keeps him guessing.

This time the training session started as usual with the nude weigh-in. I was there to monitor. david positively disgraced himself with the immediacy and throbbing rigidity of his erection pointed obscenely at her and me, and received a scolding from Michelle as a result.

I told Michelle that he was being punished for being a spendthrift, and had not been allowed to cum for the past week. Hence his "little problem". We discussed the usual frequency and methods of his ejaculations, and Michelle was actually quite shocked at how frequently he masturbates himself in front of his computer. She had no idea what a little monkey he was.

We agreed that owing to his present condition, that it would be unwise to take him across her knee for his usual spanking as there existed the very real risk of him disgracing himself across the fronts of her yoga pants. She decided to forgo his spanking and we chose to dress him in his dark blue silky gym pants and nothing else. No underwear, no shirt.

These shorts have no lining and are quite loose fitting around the legs. They are also very thin and silky, and when worn without underwear show the outline of his genitals quite clearly. They are also quite nice to the touch. We were taking the risk that the feel of the silky material on his cocktip, testicles, and shaft would not be "too much" for him, but thought it would be fun to see if he could be kept hard as much as possible during his training session. The tented shorts showed his erection clearly so we could easily monitor the situation.

In fact, throughout the session his pants were kept up, but whenever I watched I could see that Michelle made a point of adjusting his posture with her hand on his bum, or brushing up against his front, or scolding him when his testicles would pop out the sides of the shorts when his legs were raised. I guess she gave him a good dose of those infamous blue balls!

It was a fairly short and light training session, and when it was over they both came into the kitchen where I was preparing dinner. I asked Michelle if he had been hard through the whole session, and she answered that for the most part, yes, he had been. I told david the good news that his week was up, and he would now be allowed a release.

david thanked me and asked shyly if he could be excused to go upstairs to the bedroom to shower up. I suggested that he had more in mind than just showering, and he obliged by blushing brightly for us. Michelle giggled at his discomfort. I told david that there was no need to be bashful, and we should take care of his release here in the kitchen before he went up to shower. He told us that it was ok, that he could take care of it later by himself. I guess he thought he was being a gentleman? I know for a fact he loves this sort of thing. Well I played along. I told him it was not ok, and unless he wanted to be spanked in front of Michelle and not be allowed to cum for yet another week he would take care of it here and now where both Michelle and I could keep an eye on him.

Michelle had never before been a party to david's ejaculation, and I was a bit worried that she wouldn't be ok with it. I needn't have worried. She is a pro and she was delighted with the idea. Despite the fact that david had been ejaculated both in front of and by my sister, having this done in front of a different woman for the first time is still embarrassing for him.

I asked david if he wanted to take care of it with his own hand, or if he wanted me to use my hand to give him his release? david loves my hand, and it was no surprise that even with Michelle there (or perhaps even more so because she was there), he chose my hand over his own.

We have a marble island in the kitchen (more like a peninsula, in fact). and I had david remove his shorts so that he was nude and then hop up onto the island, kneeling on all fours.

I put kitchen towels under his knees for comfort's sake. I then pulled his penis back between his legs and told him to clamp his thighs together.

This sketch from lill jo shows the position of his penis and testicles clearly, though he was as yet unspanked, unplugged, ungagged, unbound, and unfeminized!

I went to the cupboard and got out a bottle of olive oil.

I dribbled a small amount on his penis and testicles and started rubbing it in. david was already hard before I even touched him, and he kind of quivered as my hand massaged his penis and testicles. Michelle watched raptly as I slowly and gently massaged my man. The thing with olive oil is that you don't use too much, it is conducive to a slow firm hand, it smells lovely and exotic, and it warms both the cock and the hand. It's also very nice for gently massaging into the testicles. I am a bit of an expert with the olive oil, as I had a boyfriend who sung its praises, and I've had it massaged into me as well.

Spontaneously I turned to Michelle and asked her would she like to do the honors? I wasn't intending to do that, but it seemed right at the moment. The situation was such that she could easily leave that to me without being rude at all, but I guess she felt as I did in the moment and readily agreed.

"david," I asked, "would you like Michelle to give you your release?" He managed to stammer out a brief "ok" in response. I told him that was not the way to ask a lady to give him a sorely needed and long-delayed release, slapped his bum, and told him to beg Michelle properly for his release. He managed something along the lines of "oh please Michelle, please Ma'am, would you please use you hand to make me cum? Please? If it's ok with you, Julie, Ma'am..."

I told him it was ok with me, and Michelle said, "well, since he asked so nicely..."

"Before you start..." I said, and I got out an old wooden spoon from a kitchen drawer. I then used some of the olive oil to apply to his bumhole and rubbed it onto the shaft of the wooden spoon, and then gently inserted it into his bum.

I left it sticking out like that, twizzled it a few times inside of him which made him go a bit crazy. What can I say, I liked the humiliation, I liked the visual, and also enjoyed the irony that the spoon usually used to spank him would be used instead as an instrument of bum pleasure during his release.

Michelle picked up gently massaging the sticky/slippery olive oil up and down his penis and into his testicles, and manipulating the spoon.

"Nice and slow and hard." I told Michelle. "Isn't the olive oil nice? Slowly and gently - he has some control problems, so don't let him cum too quickly" I added.

I put out a little shot glass on the counter and said to Michelle, "into here when he cums, ok? It's important." She acknowledged me verbally and with a nod.

I thought he would cum quicker with all this attention, but he was holding out well. I think the olive oil slows things down as it is not a fast lube at all. I feigned disinterest and got back to the cooking. I had already prepared an exotic mixed salad, and had the chicken breasts cooking.

As I was doing this, david was getting more and more frantic in his wiggling and moaning. Sensing he was close, I heard Michelle say "you ask permission before you cum."

In another few seconds david said "may I please cum?!?"

"May I please cum, Mistress Michelle" she corrected him.

"May I please come, Mistress Michelle!!!?" said david.

"No. Hold it," she said and I could see her easing off the rubbing and moving the shot glass into position under his cocktip. When she was ready she started firmly stroking again, and said "Okay, you may now cum for me."

I, of course, had stopped what I was doing to watch all this, so my attention was well-focused on him as he spurted his semen on command into the shotglass. There were two big spurts, followed by a little one, followed by plenty of dribbling. Michelle milked whatever was left inside his penis into the shot glass, and scraped it off his penis tip with the edge of the shotglass. She had a big smile and a smirk on her face! I went over and used a dishrag to clean him up a bit and then told him to hold it clamped against his dribbly cock. It wouldn't do to have him dribbling cum (or olive oil) up the stairs!

We dismissed david and he went upstairs to shower and change. I told him he could take the spoon out of his ass once he was upstairs in the shower, and so we were treated to the very comical sight of the spoon swishing to and fro and jiggling up the stairs as david left us, his hands clamping a dishrag to his genitalia.

I thanked Michelle profusely, and told her that david would likely masturbate thinking about that for a month. But I also told her that part two was still coming if she was game. I revealed that she and I would be having a Thai peanut sauce with our chicken breasts, if that was ok with her, but david would get his own very special sauce. She said the peanut sauce sounded great, and said "but you're not!" to my suggestion of david's sauce. "If it won't gross you out..." I told her, and she said no problem, she'd enjoy seeing david eat cum sauce.

I measured his semen out of the shot glass onto a measuring spoon. It was barely a teaspoonful! It looks like more when it's shooting out than it actually is. I transferred it to a small sauce pan. Then I added an equal quantity of water, about a quarter of a teaspoon of Tapioca starch as a thickener, and warmed it over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden chopstick. Owing to the small amount it reduced very quickly and I took it off the heat. It was creamy white and thick. I didn't bother sampling it and neither did Michelle offer ;-)

Mmmm! Yummy cum sauce for david!

By the time david returned the table was set. We sat down together. I first served Michelle some salad and a pair of chicken breasts, and suggested the peanut sauce. As she was serving herself the peanut sauce, I served david his chicken breasts as well. "Pass the sauce, please," he asked Michelle. She giggled.

"Oh no, david, that sauce isn't for you. I've made you a lovely sauce all for yourself." I got up from the table, went to the stove, and retrieved the small metal pot with the cum sauce. I came back to the table and dribbled it all over poor david's chicken breasts.

(thank you for lill jo for doing this up for me in advance to my specifications!)
david knew what it was, and blushed a bright red as I served. "You better record those calories," added Michelle with a smile in her voice.

I asked Michelle if she would enjoy a little white wine with dinner. I have a half-bottle for these occasions. She said she would. david got up to do it, but I settled him back down again and told him to keep his mind on his food. I would handle the wine.

I got two wine glasses out and opened the small bottle. I served Michelle and myself. "I have some special wine for you to go with your chicken and sauce, baby."

david groaned out a quiet "oh no..."

I went to the fridge and got out a glass I had previously prepared myself for david. I took the plastic wrap off the glass and put it in front of david. It was a lovely straw-yellow colour. "I made it specially for you, baby, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you remember our new rules about using the credit card? Now I expect you to eat every last thing on your plate, and mop up any leftover sauce with the bread, and drink every last drop of your wine. Am I understood?"

"yes ma'am" he acknowledged, blushing a streak as he bent to his task while Michelle and I smiled and smiled!