Tuesday, September 19

Collared and Flogged

So I'm currently at the end of day 3 of my week long status as my husband's sex slave. I described the events of Saturday evening in Letter Delivered. Today I'll write about Sunday and a bit of Monday.

We started Sunday off with a fucking and a spanking right after breakfast. I deliberately chose to wear my sexy little babydoll robe down for breakfast, and he said I was just askin' for it. You be the judge, it was a bit like this.

He was going to just spank me for being a slut, but when he discovered I wasn't wearing any panties he decided I was being a real slut and needed more. So he bent me over the kitchen island, held me down, and fucked me! Just like that!

He "lubed me" by spitting on his hand and rubbing it across my cunt, though in truth it wasn't much needed! He thrust and thrust and then came inside of me. I had to get on my hands and knees and clean off his messy cock afterwards with my mouth. So demeaning!

And then to add injury to insult, he put me across his knee and spanked my bare bottom, a little bit hard too! But he also fondled my pussy (it didn't need it - the fucking already had me hot). It was a super wet fondle as his cum was dribbling out and it felt so slippery and gooey over my clit. It felt sooo good though. But no sexual relief for this little girl. Apparently he can just fuck me whenever and however he pleases now, without even asking permission, yet keep me dripping and engorged. The cad.

Later in the day we drove to the market for a bit of grocery shopping. Nothing eventful happened there.

But then on the way home he pulled into a strip mall. I was getting suspicious! He took me into the pet store. We don't own a pet. I was wondering if he was going to buy me a puppy. Naive in retrospect!

He marched me right to the dog collars. He said he was buying one for me. Oh how blushy is that! He wanted my "input" and we selected a pink one (I actually suggested the black one with the big spikes, but he said I couldn't have it).

The he decided he needed to see if it fit, right then and there in the shop. I was blushing so much! There were a few people around who caught a glimpse at us, but I guess everybody was too embarrassed to stare. So fucking embarrassing! Then he got a long skinny pink leather lead to go with it, and attached it on as well.

He said that his little puppy needed to learn to come to heel. He took the handle end of the lead, and whipped my ass once with it (over my tight jeans). I yelped. he decided the set would do nicely for me. Then he used the lead to guide me to the front of the store to the cashier.

I swear to God It was so embarrassing, but it was also a huge giggle for me. I stood straight and tall, my breasts jutting out, proud of my Master's collar around my neck. I figured, why fight it?

There was a guy at the checkout desk, a young man, probably early twenties. Well his mouth kind of hung open. David said, "looks good on her, don't you think?" He gulped and half-heartedly agreed with him. "She'll wear it home," David said. "Ummm... I need to scan it," he said. David told me to kneel down on the floor. I immediately did, back straight tits out! David found the tag which was sort of buried under the collar and brought it out so the guy could scan it with the portable thingy on a wire as I strained forward. Did the same with the lead. David paid. There was another guy working at the shop, an older fatter guy, who came up to the cash beside the kid and just stared. David gave a yank on my leash and said "up!" I quickly stood. He gave it another tug and said, "heel!" and we walked out of the store, David leading me, me at his heel, literally. Oh My Gosh!

David and I laughed about it afterwards in the car. It was SUCH an adrenaline rush. I was such a good little puppy too! He told me I needed to keep the collar on whenever I was home alone with him, and I needed to ask his permission to remove it regardless. I'm wearing it now. He won't let me take it off at night. It's a constant reminder to me of what's coming.

Thank goodness he didn't tell me to wear it to work. I don't think I could have, and so it would have ruined our vibe. But this is why I trust him. He knows it's not practical, so he doesn't tell me to. And I find it sexy having his collar around my neck, even if it is a bit hot and chafes a bit.

At bedtime I was sent up ahead of him to undress (except for my collar he was quick to point out), and to select the implement he was to try out on me tonight. Because of a letter I received from a reader, I chose our flogger.

It's pretty heavy. There are 16 tails on it. Some kind of leather. Substantial handle. The business end is maybe 18 inches long? It was expensive, from a leather shop. I was told that if used properly on me that "I will become embarrassingly aroused being beaten", and potentially reduced "to a mound of quivering jelly". My source for this information is unimpeachable in my opinion. I know a bit the possible effects from having used it on him. Pain mixed with pleasure. You will think me very silly, but I was excited for my flogging all day long!

I put down several pillows and climbed up over them, belly down, ass high. David played with the flogger at first, dragging it down my skin from my neck to my ankles, making a brief stop between my ass cheeks and at my pussy, where he dangled the tips against the already puffy-feeling lips of my vagina.

"Zero, Sir, but I love it!" I volunteered, using his numerical rating system for how hard the strokes felt.

Then he started to whip my ass cheeks in what must have been a lazy figure eight pattern. That was like a 2. I actually liked it when the very tips of the flogger went between my cheeks and onto my pussy. He then moved up to my shoulder blades and flogged me there. "Do up like it there?" he asked. "Yes Sir!" I said. He started going harder. It was still ok, maybe a 5. He brought it back down to my ass and flogged me harder there as well. I was squirming on my pillow. He noticed that. He turned the topmost pillow onto its edge so I was humping it. Then he started whipping my cheeks and my legs from the side, snapping the flogger down onto me with harder strokes, though still not so hard. 6 maybe. I could feel the pillow pushing into me, and I must have looked like this girl!

Math for subbies:
This girl + flogger = me + wet pillow

"You little slut," he said, "don't you dare cum." Then he whipped my ass more. His strokes got harder and harder until they were hurting, "8 Sir!" I yelled out. 8 was pretty hard. 9 is supposed to be my limit, 10 is too hard, as per Sir's instructions.

"You've had enough fun with that pillow, you dirty whore," he said. When he uses words like that, it thrills me. He took the pillow away and made me roll over, removing the other pillows. He gave me a pillow and told me to hold it over my face, and to keep my arms away from my breasts. Oh Shit!

The he started whipping my breasts lightly. OMG. It's indescribable! I wanted that whip so bad that it was making my pussy ache! "You like this!" said David, surprised and amused. I moaned and cried out as he whipped me with his flogger. I cried out in pain and pleasure. He kept checking in each time he went a bit harder. Those 16 tips, all over my breasts, reaching all parts at once! First one breast and then the other. My nipples the most sensitive part. The fat of my breasts the most erotic for me.

He took the pillow from me and told me to spread my legs widely. He whipped my belly (as I had asked him to in my letter) and down towards my cunt. He did not go too hard. He went down to my legs, and flogged my inner thighs, so close to my pussy! He re-positioned himself nearer my head looking essentially vertically down my body and whipped my pussy, wrapping the tips of his flogger lightly around my cunt. I went involuntarily to close my legs but he told me to "keep them open, slut!" He went harder and harder until I gave him an 8. I did not want to hand out a 9. I wanted to leave room for him. It was so hard to keep my legs spread as he whipped me like that, but when he saw them start to close a little I got a hard whipping to my inner thigh for my troubles, and immediately spread them again!

I kind of "broke" at that point, and started begging, "Please Sir! Please fuck my sore pussy with your hard cock!"

He finished up by dangling the tips of the flogger against my pussy, making me shimmy dance under it and shove my cunt up towards it.

"Not tonight," he said. "You can have that later."


He sent me off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I touched my clit a little while peeing. It felt soooo good! But it wasn't allowed. Cumming was forbidden until at least Saturday.

We went to bed together. We kissed. I could feel his hard cock against me. I reached for his erection. "May I Sir," I asked, "in my mouth?" He said yes. I went down on him. I sucked him with my lips and stroked him with my hand and was rewarded with a big mouthful of hot cum. That's two for him on Sunday, none for me. I swallowed it down and gently cleaned him off more with my mouth, then came back up to him and thanked him.

This switching is making our sex lives nuts! Well, his anyways ;-)

After we separated from our cuddling I slipped out of bed and went to my computer. I've always stayed up late. I think I need less sleep than most.

Next morning I asked him if he would please remove my collar, as I needed to get ready for work. He obliged. I showered and got myself ready.

Before I left for work he stopped me for one more thing. I have an iWatch, with a changeable clock face. It's usually on a more elegant watch face. He's made me set it to Minnie Mouse for the week.

He tells me every time I look at my watch, I should remember what I have coming.

I was checking the time all day long, believe me, and getting a little rush each time. Even in meetings with others present. Oh my gosh! Such a slut!

We're still nowhere near the main event. Thinking about that makes me soo excited still. I know now that David will do it right. I am expecting a fully consensual, safe, sane, wife-beating! That is so bad!

Monday, September 18

Letter Delivered

Well I did it! I delivered my letter to my husband! (see Letter to my Husband).

I checked the blog for any last minute advice around 6pm, and then printed the letter out in red ink. I did not change a thing. It gave me a lot of confidence that it was so well received by you guys. David had made a spot of healthy dinner and we ate that. The letter was burning a hole into the living room Ottoman!

After dinner we tidied up together. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I told him that I wanted to have a talk with him. He looked a bit confused. I never sound like that! "A nice talk!" I went on hastily to add. "Actually, I wrote you a letter. Sort of like a love letter. But kinky. It's on the coffee table."

He said, "should I read it?" Well duh! But I guess it was an unusual situation.

"Yes, please," I said.

So he went in the living room and I followed him. He sat on the couch in front of the letter. He put his feet up on the Ottoman and opened my letter. I was sitting opposite him. Perched cross-legged on a plush sofa chair too big for me.

He read through it quietly. I watched his face for any reactions. There were some smiles, and he looked at me gently during the first part. I blushed! Then he read a section, I think where I said I wanted to revisit the question of him spanking me, he cocked his head, looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and grinned a little. Then he went back to reading. He looked at me once more, right around the time he would have gotten to the part describing how rough I would want him to be with me. I got another look. Kind of like, an appraising look. Oh Boy! My tummy had some serious butterflies by then! He finished up the letter, put it down, and looked at me.

"So... what do you think?" I asked him, probably too desperately.

"I think we need to talk about this," he said.

Oh Shit! I thought. Maybe he doesn't want to? Maybe he thinks I really don't want that and he's going to try to talk me out of it?

"Sure," I said, hiding all those doubts.

"But I think you're overdressed for our conversation," he said. "Take off all your clothes."

Oh My Gosh! It was good! It was going to work out. I was so relieved. He was already getting into it. I was quite sure the conversation would head in the right direction with me buck naked and him fully clothed!

"Yes, Sir," I said. Isn't that what you're supposed to say when you're a woman in my position?

I got up and stripped in front of him. Right down to nuthin'! Then I just stood there, hands at my sides, breasts and bared hairless pussy exposed, waiting for my next order.

He told me to come nearer to him, and to kneel beside him. I did so, kneeling on my haunches right near the couch he was sitting on. He told me he'd read the letter again, out loud this time, and we would talk about each section. Oh Gosh! What a bastard! Why did he think I put it in a letter in the first place?!? All I said was "yes, sir".

So he read aloud every section. After each section he made a little comment. In the parts where I said I loved him, he told me how much he loved me as well. In the parts where I talked about his spankings, he expressed gratitude and said what an amazing wife I was. Where I first said I wanted to be spanked by him, he said it would be his pleasure to scratch my itch (my words from the letter). Where I said I did not want to stop spanking him, he said, "that's good." The conversation was very one-sided so far! When I first mentioned John in the letter, and how understanding he was, he looked me in the eye, held up my chin with his finger, and said that he trusted me "absolutely". I responded that I did him as well. When I wrote more about the John and Tracy incident, and what went down, and our mutual excitement, and how he got to fuck Tracy in the end, he said that he could see how excited I was, that he didn't need to fuck Tracy, but that it was fun since I was there overseeing the action.

When we got to the part of the letter about Violet, he wanted me to say more. He was surprised by how submissive I was being, but thought it was my "girl thing" (he knows I get ridiculously excited around girls!). I had to explain that I did not control the spanking, but only asked her to go full out, as if she was punishing me, as I wanted to experience that complete letting go with her first before doing this with him.

Then he read the two paragraphs aloud about how dark my fantasies were. I was feeling my face and breasts flush as he read my words back to me. I felt a neediness in my pussy as well. He put down the letter and reached out abruptly for my left nipple. He squeezed it, twisted it, and pulled it very hard. The pain was intense, taking my breath away and bringing tears instantly to my eyes. "So you want it rough, do you? Are you sure you can take it?"

"YES SIR!" I yelled out.

He released my left nipple and did a repeat performance, every bit as hard, on my right. "Are you really sure?"

"YES SIR!" I yelled out again. Fuck! Who was this girl??? Who was this man????

He released my nipple. They were both still throbbing from the pain. He caressed my breasts and gently rubbed my aching nipples. He went back and re-read (aloud) the following part of the letter,
I want to be spanked to tears. I want to be marked. I want you to use any vicious implement we own on my flesh. I want my ass spanked. But I want my pussy spanked also, and my tits and belly whipped. I want you to call me every dirty word you know: I want to be your bitch, your slut, your dirty little cunt, everything! I want you to punish me for being a whore. And I want you to make me beg for your cock. Beg for it in every hole I have.
He grabbed for my breast again, and this time squeezed the whole handful. He then echoed the language I had just used, saying something along the lines of, "so, you want to be whipped do you? Whipped like a dirty little whore? Then have your cunt slammed like a tramp? Is that what you want? You want to be my dirty little bitch? Does that make you hot now?"

"Oh yes, Sir," I said.

He told me to spread my knees apart. I did, instantly. He reached his hand down and felt my pussy. He then pushed two fingers into me and started moving them around. I was soooo wet! My pussy made sloppy sounds as he did that. He pulled his fingers out and looked at them, glistening with my cunt juices. "I guess you really do," he said. How humiliating! He brought his fingers to my mouth and had me clean them off. I tasted my own acidic, pungent pussy juices, as I cleaned off his fingers with my mouth.

He read the rest of the letter then. After he read the part about him maybe cumming too soon and it not mattering to me, he said that I'd have bigger things to worry about then when he cums on me.

Then he said, "we're not going to do this tonight."


"When are we going to, Sir?" I asked, a little desperately.

"A week today," he said.

"Why a week? Why not tonight??" I asked, and then added "Sir" as an afterthought.

"Because," he started explaining very rationally, "if we do it tonight I won't be able to tease you for a whole week first. And, I need some practice time to be sure you get what you need a week today."

Wow! Good reasoning, I guess!

He went on to explain that for the next week I would be his slave. I would not be allowed to cum until after my beating next week. He said that included diddling myself in front of my computer after he's asleep (drats! he knows about that??). Every evening at bedtime I would select one of our implements, and he would practice with it on me. He would go from lighter to harder, on various body parts, with me in various positions, and I would tell him what it felt like as we went. At the end of the week, he would give me the beating and fucking I craved, and would allow me to cum. Until then I was his bitch and I would do as I was told.

Ok. Parse that. Wow! First, didn't I tell you he was smart? He would figure out how to use the implements on me before the "main event". At the same time, he would keep me in a state of needy submissiveness for an entire week. That is all just... well brilliant! I knew. I KNEW he had it in him! He can be such an intense sub, and in his case it translates into being such an intense Dom. Vice versa for me I guess!

He shot his hand out again for my nipple. I winced away. He grabbed it anyway.

"You don't like this, do you?" he asked as he twisted.

"No sir," I said.

"Do you want me to stop doing it?" he asked

"As you please, Sir," I said. See? I know how a sub should behave!

"What a good little slave you are,' he said. "I'm going to reward you with a spanking now."

He pulled me to standing by my tit, moved himself to the center of the couch, and then pulled me across his knees. He let go of my tit and hugged me tightly into him. I arched my back and stuck up my butt for him. He started slapping my ass. Not hard, but solid. In all the right places! He occasionally stopped to fondle my ass, my pussy, my clit.

And then went back to spanking me. It was not a hard spanking by any stretch, but it was a very nice one! It was a reward for being such a good slave. While I was across his knee, he told me that I'd be gently spanked and fondled like this every day I was his slave. My heart kind of melted at that!

"Ok, up you get!" he said as he delivered his final spank. Holy crap! It was sooo hard! Like a fucking paddle! But harder! Right across my low ass cheeks, right in the middle. It resonated into my pussy and asshole, but my poor butt was top of mind! I stood up and rubbed my rear cheeks where he had just smacked them.

"That last one was very hard, Sir," I commented.

He smiled at me and said that was to remind me to be a good slave, because if I'm a disobedient pet he's quite capable of making every spank like that. Oh Dear! The brute! He wouldn't. Be still my poundy heart!

He told me to go upstairs and to select my first implement. I went up to the bedroom, nursing my sore buns and titties. I selected the riding crop.

I thought I would start easy!

I decided I should lie face down on our bed, with a couple of pillows under my hips. That is how I like to place him and how he likes to be placed. I had the riding crop beside me.

He walked in soon after I was settled. He picked up the crop and he whipped it in the air a bit. He brought it down on my ass. He told me to rate the severity of the strokes from 0 to 10. 0 being a total nothing, and 10 being anything past what I thought I could take, and 9 just at my limit. Very scientific!

The crop never made it above 7. But nor did he whip it nearly as hard as he could have. Probably a good thing! I got it all over on my ass. He asked me questions, like "do you like it here?" when he spanked me higher up and on my flanks and I was allowed to answer no. "How about here?" and so on. He turned me over and used the crop on my breasts and nipples. That got the 7 out of me. Fuck! He used it on my pussy also. Both on my back with my legs low and spread, and also him lifting my legs up high where he got at my pussy again, especially my puffy pussy lips, and also my asshole. When he asked, "is it ok here?" I had to blush and say "yes, Sir". My little holes and titties will get sooo abused this week, not to talk about next Saturday!

And then you know what that shitty bastard did? He ended it. Then he put me on my side, took off his clothes, got behind me like a big spoon, and fucked my pussy until he came.

He KNOWS I can't cum from pussy fucking alone! I tried reaching for my clit but he grabbed my arm and said, "no!" After he came, he wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom to clean up my cunt. He lay me on my back until his cum started dribbling out, then scooped it out with his fingers and fed it to me, smearing it on my face and tits as well. oh yummy. cum.

I guess I am not a Domme anymore. At least not for another week. I am my Husband's slave. I do as he says. I let go. Pain, pleasure, and tease are his to give as he pleases. I am nothing, and I am everything. I am his slave! This isn't hard for me. So many of you thought it would be, but it's not. It's like melting. I have no control. I have no responsibility. I do as I am told. I am intensely sexually aroused the entire time. I am needy for my beating. I am needy to be taken the way a woman should be taken. My pussy aches with anticipation. Aches for his touch. Even if it means crawling across my Master's knee for my spanking in order to earn it.

How will I last a fucking week???!!!

Friday, September 15

Letter to my Husband

After thinking about it for a bit, and considering all my readers' comments on my last blog entry, I am now absolutely positive that I want my husband to dominate me the way I fantasize about.

Thinking about it makes my heart beat hard, my mouth dry, my skin sweat, my belly do flip flops. My pussy and breasts ache for a touch. I want it badly. I want it badly from him!

I decided I will broach the subject with him by means of a letter. I have not sent it yet. I humbly request thoughts and comments from my readers before I do. I absolutely recognize the absurd irony of having such an intimate and private love letter seen and commented on by hundreds, and embrace it.

Here is my draft letter.

Dear David,

I am writing you a letter today, because if I talked to you about this in person I would surely blush and stammer and say things I do not intend. So I have taken my time composing this letter and thinking through everything I say in it carefully. After you have read it, then we can discuss at length if that is your desire.

I want to start off by saying what a wonderful husband you are and what a happy wife I am! Saying "yes" to you those many years ago was both the easiest and the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I love so many things about you. I love your mind, I love your looks, I love your personality, I love the way you diet so assiduously and then eat a candy bar! I love that you are such a great provider and such a strong and competent man, and I love that you can be such a cute little girl laying across my knee!

When you first broached the subject of spanking, you asked if I thought spanking was at all sexy. I had heard cheeky references and jokes, of course, about adult spanking, but always sort of laughed them off. Spanking was mainly something you used to do to naughty kids. You asked if I wanted to be spanked. No! My only experience with spanking as a child was slightly traumatic, and the thought of being held down and struck by any man was not something I was at all comfortable with. You asked if I thought it would be sexy if I were to spank you. I was not so sure for my part, but if you found it sexy, then why would I not entertain your cute bare bum across my knee getting whacked?

And so it started. And to my surprise I found that I LOVED it! Once I got over the awkwardness and started doing it right, I found it sexy and empowering. I never dreamt I could have that kind of power over a man, over you. From the start it made my pussy wet and tingly, as you quickly found out afterwards when I put your head between my legs! Once I got to know your limits, the more red your ass and the more you wiggled and begged, the more it turned me on. As we went, we grew into more and more crazy stuff, and I loved it all! Implements, panties and bras for you, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, my sister (!), public play, diapers, enemas, three-ways, trainers, pro dommes, friends, waitresses, you name it, I went for it, and I loved it! I know you did also. As long as you still want it, I intend to never stop doing it! God willing, I'll be spanking your bare ass in front of your cute little geriatric nurse when we're both in our 90's!

But, I'm now ready to revisit the question of whether I want to be spanked by you. Yes I do! Very much so! Not as a full-time thing, not as the main thing, not even as a regular thing. But as a once in a while thing? Yes. Absolutely. It excites me thinking of it. I have an itch, and it needs to be scratched, and only you can scratch it!

Don't misunderstand, most of the time when we play I'm still going to be your Dommy Wife and you better believe it, buster! I've got a drawer full of lingerie for you, a hairbrush, a strap, a cane, and a big strap-on dildo to teach you otherwise if you doubt me. And a sister and several female acquaintances I can invite over to watch me instruct you on that point!

Notwithstanding, you know, of course, that I've been toying with the subby side for a while now. A few little spankings from you, from some pros, from Tracy. A few more forceful sex acts from you. With all of those, I've felt very much in control of the situation. I treated the spankings more like a massage. And I was excited and not at all panicky when I mock-submitted to these women.

Then came John. Tracy was so keen to involve John as much as possible, and you know I'm a pleaser. So I considered it. I rolled it around in my mind. And I was surprised that thinking about it did not panic me. It even excited me. I was still not sure that if I actually let him dominate me a bit, that I would not panic, so I set it up as a sort of experiment. You were so understanding. You could tell it excited me, and you were nothing but encouraging! You are a very secure man, which I love about you. You let me explore my wild child and share the excitement with you, before and after.

I wanted it to be John, not you, for a reason I have not shared with you. A reason that was not even clear to me until recently. If I did react badly, I was worried I would wind up being mixed up about the guy doing it. Don't care if I get mixed up about Tracy's husband. Absolutely did not want to get mixed up about you!!! So he was my dry run. He was my dry run for you. I really only want to be spanked and dominated by one man in this world, and it's you! Oh, I suppose I can enjoy others as a lark, as you do enjoy being dominated by other women on occasion, but none of it makes any sense if you're not involved!

So I surprised myself by not panicking at all with John. In fact, I enjoyed being over his hard-muscled lap and feeling that heavy hand on my butt. I enjoyed sticking my ass up in the air like a total slut practically begging him to touch my pussy! It went so well that I decided to see what effect his cock had on me. Down my throat and in my cunt, good and hard. Even lapping his cum out of his wife's pussy after I made her lick his dribbling cum out of mine. Oh my gosh! Does that turn you on, David? I know it does! But I made sure to arrange to pay my debt, even though you thought none was owing. I made sure you got to bend over big-tittied Tracy and fuck her needy holes also, and even make a sperm deposit in her hot little cunt. Proving two can play at that game.

So whatever was holding me back from being dominated by a man, it's safe to say it isn't there anymore. It's less than the shadow of a ghost now. It's time you and I played for real! I'm ready for it. Are you?

With all those encounters, even with John, I was in control. I needed to be, rank newbies that they were. With none of them did I trust them enough to really let got. I want to let go with you.

You don't know this, but I let go with Violet. That spanking I got from her was not planned out in any detail at all. Everything else was planned to a tee. For my spanking, I just told her to do it properly, and boy did she ever! It was scary, but it was so sexy also! I want that with you now. I don't want to be in control at all. I want you to take that control.

Another thing you don't know, my fantasies around you dominating me have gotten dark. Real dark! I want to be spanked to tears. I want to be marked. I want you to use any vicious implement we own on my flesh. I want my ass spanked. But I want my pussy spanked also, and my tits and belly whipped. I want you to call me every dirty word you know: I want to be your bitch, your slut, your dirty little cunt, everything! I want you to punish me for being a whore. And I want you to make me beg for your cock. Beg for it in every hole I have.

Yes, I want to submit to you totally. Submit to having my face fucked. Grab my hair, push my mouth onto you until I gag. Submit to having my cunt slammed. Even submit to having my ass cheeks prised apart and my backdoor stretched and violated by your cock. Use the dildo. Stick two of them in my holes and use your cock in whatever's left over. Whichever way you please, darling, I want to be yours totally!

I know... I can get overly enthusiastic sometimes. You tell me this enough! So take it at your own pace. The first time we do it will not be our last. But know that I am ready for whatever you dish out, and that I crave everything I wrote above. I trust you absolutely. I have never trusted anybody else like this.

I will have the "red" safeword. And for your sake I will have the "yellow" one as well. Fell free to extract a yellow from me if you dare! I will not resent it, and don't you back off too much when you hear it either. I know what I'm asking for. I know how deliciously sore I'll be the next morning, inside and out.

And please don't worry about cumming too soon. I adore your creamy cum on me and in me, whenever it happens. It would be my honour to swallow your ejaculate, my husband, if it comes to that. Afterwards, you can just whip me until your erection comes back. I'll wriggle my ass and pussy nicely for you under your whip to encourage it! I'll take your soft member in my mouth and suck on it like a baby for as long as you want. I want you, hard or soft!

I Love You So Much!!!

Always Your Slutty and Over-Excitable Wife,


Friday, September 8

Am I Sick in the Head?

My own submissive fantasies sometimes scare me.

Am I ill?

A pen pal and I were exchanging emails. He was a sweet and polite man with submissive tendencies. He also indicated he may be a bit of a switch. He asked me if he could write a fantasy about his first meeting with me. Then he said that if I was interested I could write a reply on how I thought our first meeting would go. He wrote it, and it was a sweet fantasy where he got his bum smacked, his cock milked, and then fucked in the ass. Another spanking, and then loving forgiveness.

So I thought I would please him, switch it up, and write him a fantasy with me getting a spanking from him. I guess I got carried away. Here was my email back (edited a bit and images added).

Here is my version... I'll switch it up.

I knock on your door.

You let me in.

"Strip, bitch," you tell me.

"Yes sir..."

I am completely naked. You walk around me, grabbing my ass, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples.

You reach between my legs from behind. I feel your fingers penetrating my moist sex, your thumb pushing insistently against my asshole.

"Bend over," you whisper in my ear.

I bend over, your fingers slide more deeply into my cunt, your thumb slides into my asshole. I gasp. Your other hand reaches around and grabs my dangling breast painfully hard. You lean down and breathe into my ear. You say, "I'm going to whip your ass so hard, slut, that you'll be begging me to stop. But there's only one kind of begging that will make me stop whipping you, you dirty little whore. You'll beg for my cock to fuck every hole you've got. You'll beg for my cock in your mouth, in your pussy, and in your ass, one after the other. When I think you're sincere, bitch, I'll give you what you beg for."

You make me stand straight, I am practically lifted off my feet by your fingers in my holes. You walk me like that to the spanking bench. Your hand stays in as I straddle the horse, kneeling on the leg supports. You take your hand out from my wet sex and tight asshole, push my head down, and slap my ass hard. You fasten my wrists and ankles down, and fasten the buckles around the backs of my knees. You fasten a leather strap across my low back and tighten it down which causes me to arch my back for you.

You slowly walk away. You return swishing an evil thin rod. You start whipping my ass with it! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH!


"You know what you have to beg me for, to make it stop, cunt. Are you slow?"


"Where slut? What comes first, slut?"


"You get your wish, you dirty whore, a nice thick cock deep down your throat."

You take your pants off. You are naked below the waste. Your cock is hard from whipping me. You put your cock right in front of my mouth.

"Kiss it first, slut," you say.

Trembling, I reach out my neck and give the tip a kiss.


I open my mouth, making my lips into a round O for you. You slide your cock into me. All the way down my throat.

I struggle to relax my throat and not gag. You pull out and then pump it in again. You repeat, over and over and over again. I am choking and gargling and salivating as you fuck my mouth.

You pull out. There are tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks. I am covered in my own saliva. My nicely applied mascara has run down my face.

"That's enough for you, bitch, you seem to be enjoying it too much."

You walk away from me and return with a leather strap. STRAP! Right across my ass cheeks. The strap reverberates through my spread pussy and asshole. STRAP! STRAP! STRAP!


"You are slow, bitch," you say.



"Convince me you want it, whore."


"Since you've asked so nicely, whore."

You get behind me. I feel the engorged head of your penis at my cunt lips.

"You needy little slut!" you say, "you're soaking wet!"

You push deep into me with a single thrust. You grab my hips and you pump your cock into me. In and out! Hard! Deep! I yell out in a combination of pain and intense pleasure.

You fuck me hard for five long minutes and then you pull out.

You walk away from me. You return with a paddle. A large paddle. A sorority style heavy wooden paddle with large holes drilled into it. You pull it back and swing it hard to slam into my sore butt.









"That will do, slut. Your ass is a mess. Red, white, and bruised blue. You'll have my marks on you for a week at least.

Do you still want it up the ass, bitch, or more of the paddle?"


"Well then I'm happy to oblige such a dirty little whore of a girl."

You put down the horrible paddle. You dip your cock into my pussy. It's all the lube I'll get. You push the head into my asshole. You insistently push it home. I yell out at the pain!

"Take your medicine, bitch," you tell me.

You slide your cock in and out and in and out. The pain is extreme. Both from your cock, and from your thighs slapping into my whipped, strapped, and paddled ass cheeks. You keep pumping harder and faster and harder and faster. I think I'm going to faint! Then you let out a guttural moan and I feel my rectum being filled with your hot jizz. It keeps coming and coming and coming.

You pull out. You walk away from me. You clean yourself off from my dirty asshole. You return with a butt plug. You stuff it into my ass, trapping your copious sperm inside of me. You unfasten me and tell me to get dressed. You tell me I'm a dirty unfaithful whore. You tell me to go back home to my husband. You understand he likes eating ass. "Make him eat my cum out of your asshole, bitch. Make him look at your beaten and bruised ass and stick his nose in your sore fucked pussy as he does it, and show him what you really need from a man."

You throw me out of the door into the street, crying and disheveled.

You see what I mean when I say I get carried away??? I was not intending to write all that. It was just going to be a sweet little spanking for me. But then I just started writing, and this degrading misogynistic filth poured out of my brain. I definitely don't want all that to happen for real, but then why do I obviously fantasize about it? Reading it back makes me wet. I diddled myself and came thinking of that happening to me. Finding and doctoring photos from the web to illustrate it for the blog shames me, but I do it anyways. I do not approve of those things happening to any woman!!!

Do I subconsciously resent my husband for being such a pussy sub in the bedroom? Is this what I want for myself?

Wednesday, September 6

Husband Spanked for Real

So, I've been looking for opportunities to up the "real FLR" quotient in our relationship. My darling husband presented me with the perfect opportunity the other night.

We have a device called the Sodastream.

It's used to make bubbly water from tap water. I enjoy bubbly water mixed with a hint of cranberry juice and a bit of lime. Those canisters of CO2 run out, of course, and it's my husband's job to keep them stocked (he goes to the Canadian Tire for refills - his domain!). We have about a dozen of them so he does not have to go very often and he can trade the empties for fulls all at once. The idea is that he goes to exchange the lion's share before we run out.

The dozen canisters sit up like little soldiers on a high shelf. You can tell by the cap if it's used or new. We got down to just one new one left on the shelf . I remember reminding him to get the canisters exchanged as we are getting low.

Then we ran out, and he needed to fit the very last one in. I reminded him again to go get them filled. I DO NOT like running out of bubbly water! ;-) He promised he would tomorrow.

Well tomorrow, and tomorrow. I reminded him again. He hit his head and said "Doh!" and promised to do it, for sure, tomorrow.

Well, you can see where this is going.

I got home earlier than him, and went to bubble up some water. Phewwwwwwwweeeee... And we're out.

The canisters are gone from the shelf. At least he has them with him. He gets home. Does he have a bagful of new canisters. He does not. He "forgot".

I take him by the ear. I pull him all the way up to our bedroom like that. He knows what he has coming. I open the bedroom drawer and pull out his hairbrush.

I open up his spanking chair. A small folding chair we keep in the bedroom.

I sit down on it. He is in front of me. I unbuckle his belt, and pull the belt out his belt loops. That's for later. I unclasp and unzipper his pants. I make them fall to the floor. He is in his boxers today. I grab on either side of his boxers and lower them to the floor. His penis and testicles come on display. He is not hard. I move him to my side and I pull him over my lap, pants and underpants at his ankles.

I push his shirt up above his waist. I put my left arm around his waist.

"How many times did I tell you???? How many???"

"quite a few..."

"Whose responsibility is it to change those out when they get low???"


"Well, I think you need a lesson in responsibility. Do you agree?"

"yes ma'am..."

"A long hard lesson..." I say under my breath as I tighten my grip on him. Then I start just wailing away on his ass with that hairbrush. And I mean wailing! I went for a good, I don't know, five minutes likely, at a spank a second. You do the math. His ass turned cherry red and white in the middles. He cried out and begged me and apologized over and over again: "Owww! Ohh! No! Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please!!!"

When I was done I threw the hairbrush down on the ground and I literally pushed him off my lap so that he fell at my feet.

"Get up!" I yelled at him as I grabbed him by his ear and yanked. I turned him around and made him bend over the back of the chair, elbows on the seat. I picked up his belt I had removed earlier and I just start whipping that ass! About 50 good strokes, I'd reckon. Again he was pleading and begging.

"Stay there!" I told him after I had finished.

I went to get the tube of toothpaste and a bathroom glass of water.

I put a big glob of toothpaste on my finger, wet it, and shoved it up his ass. I smooshed it all around in there. I repeated with a second glob. Then I coated his anal area until it was white. This causes quite an intense burning in his asshole that lasts at least an hour.

"Pull up your pants!" I told him. "You will go to the Canadian Tire NOW and get me the replacements. At the checkout, tell the girl you fucked up, forgot to get refills, and got a spanking from your wife. GO! NOW!"

david had a scared look in his eye, pulled up his pants quickly and ran out the door. I could see him wincing as he moved, a combination of his well-spanked rear and the toothpaste burning his anus and rectum.

He returned quickly, a bit longer than half an hour, carrying the replacement canisters. He put them down on the kitchen table.

"Please Julie, may I wash out my bum?" he asked pitifully.

"Burns does it?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Did you tell the salesgirl at the checkout?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"What did you say exactly?"

"I told her her that I had fucked up and not gotten these changed until they ran out, and that my wife was pissed and whipped my ass, literally whipped it. With a belt."

"How did she react?"

"Smirked Ma'am."

"Was there anybody else in earshot?"

"No Ma'am. May I please go wash out my bum Ma'am?" As he said this he bounced from one leg to the other.

"Put away the canisters, and put a fresh one into the dispenser," I told him.

He looked pained but hurried to do as he was told, wiggling and wincing the whole time.

"May I please go and wash out my bum, Ma'am?" he asked desperately after he had completed the chore.

"You may."

As soon as I said that he scurried right upstairs.

"And let that be a lesson to you!" I yelled after him.

I was smiling as I bubbled up a bottle of water, and made my bubbly cranberry-lime drink. Even put a couple of festive ice cubes in it to celebrate.

There. Did I "scene him" or did I punish him? You be the judge.

Friday, September 1

Spanked and More in front of the Waitress!

So it happened! As I recounted in Still Got It!, I mildly dommed david in a restaurant in front of a cute young black waitress the other night, and she seemed amused, so we got to chatting, and she expressed an interest in witnessing more. I got her number, we txtd, and we set something up. It happened yesterday evening, it was great, and I'll tell you all about it now.

Before I start in though, a comment about these sorts of things. It used to be we just did stuff, and then I blogged about it afterwards. Nowadays, when I need some good material for the blog, it creates an urgency in me to set something up. And then when we are in the midst of the scene, I find myself trying very hard to remember every little detail so I can blog about it afterwards, and even to steer the scene towards things I believe my readers would find of interest. Fortunately, your pervy interests nicely align with both mine and those of my husband, but you do push me to new heights, so thank you, readers!

For this scene I wanted to start straight up super-domestic as we all enjoy playing with that "real life" FLR vibe. I wanted to leave our waitress, Samantha we shall call her, wondering if we do this just for fun, or if we live this way for real. So I went with a retro 1950's housewife look with a dark blue, high waisted, below the knee pencil skirt; a long-sleeved, white blouse, buttoned to the neck; a soft yellow cardigan sweater; and high but practical heels.

You like?

Samantha was due to arrive at 8pm. I was quite sure she would show as we txt'd back and forth on address and timing. Well before she arrived, we had a light dinner and then I sent david up to shower and advised him to "clean himself out thoroughly" back there in case there was going to be any backdoor action for him. I wanted him to be prepared as I was intending to ask Samantha if she would be comfortable with watching and even participating in some of that, and hopefully she would agree.

About ten minutes before Samantha's arrival time I conducted david to the wall and made him hold a little piece of paper against it with his nose. I also made him put his hands on top of his head. That was all I was going to do, as an intro for Samantha, but it just did not look right. So I unfastened his pants and let them drop and pool at his ankles. He was wearing a T-shirt after his shower that rode up above his waistline when he raised his arms to above his head. Perfect! His grey underwear were all on show.

Exactly this brand and colour

I figured that would not shock or offend Samantha when she came in to see that, but still put david firmly in his place: a little boy made to stand in the living room in timeout in his undies about to be punished by "Mommy". Do you see now how I think of you guys when I set these scenes up? How many of you men would identify with being put in that position, that way, waiting for a young female visitor to watch you get spanked? Can you even imagine the blushes on your faces? Ha ha!

I told him that tonight I wanted to really beat his ass and needed a good domestic-themed excuse. As I said this, I stuck my hand down the back of his undies and fondled his bottom. I also reached around and fondled his cock, which hardened noticeably. We discussed, and agreed that failing to do his chores properly, and then back-talking me rudely "under his breath" where he thought I could not hear, would be good. We agreed on the phrase as well. Disrespectful, but not too disrespectful, as that would not be believable either.

"Yes Ma'am," he said, into the wall.

I left him, now hard, thinking on what was coming while he stood with his nose against the wall and could contemplate his upcoming humiliation by his wife in front of this young lady.

The doorbell rang just after 8pm as expected and I went to let Samantha in. She was looking very nice. Well-dressed in an above-the knee black skirt, a puffy pale yellow blouse, and heels. Her body type was a bit like the following picture, but with a younger sweeter face. Slim waist with a large bust and hips. She's just barely into her twenties, and david and I are both pushing 40, so she was young enough to be our daughter (!)

I gave her a hug and she hugged me back as we greeted one another. She commented on my outfit, and I on hers. Our first stop was not the living room. We detoured into the dining room first just so she and I could spend a little time getting to know one another, which we did. No kinky discussion yet, so I'll leave that out. Just getting comfortable in a social sense. I knew david would be waiting for us. After fifteen minutes or so, when she seemed pretty relaxed with me, I told her I had a husband with his nose against the wall waiting for a spanking, and would she care to join? She readily agreed, and seemed enthusiastic to start.

"So here's the naughty boy," I said, leading her into the living room, but without any laugh or tease in my voice.

"Oh wow!" she said as she saw him standing against the wall like that with his underpants showing.

"Don't turn around," I told him with my mean and steely voice, "but greet Samantha."

"Hello Samantha," he said.

"What's his name?" asked Sam of me. Ha ha! I had forgotten to tell her.

"David is his name," I said

"Hi  David, have you really been a bad boy?" she asked.

"Yes Miss," he said, choosing to refer to her that way himself.

"He certainly has," I emphasized. "You know all about his poor food choices from the restuarant, but that's not what tonight is going to be about. He hasn't been doing his housework properly, and when I spoke to him about it all I got was backtalk and disrespect! Isn't that so, david?"

"Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry Ma'am," he said.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be," I said, using that time-honoured chestnut. And then to Sam, "I'm sorry, I intended that this would be a bit more of a fun sort of spanking for him, but now this: when I told him what a shitty job he did scrubbing the bathrooms, I heard him say 'fucking perfectionist' under his breath. ISN'T THAT SO, David???"

"Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry Ma'am. I shouldn't have said that, I didn't think you would hear!"

"But I did hear, you pathetic excuse for a husband! So instead of just a fun little demonstration for Samantha, instead I'm going to have to beat your buns raw and remind you who wears the pants in this family!"

"yes ma'am..." said david, his voice shaky.

"Come on Dear," I said to Samantha, "let's go to the kitchen where we can discuss his punishment."

I offered Samantha a glass of water and she accepted it. Then we talked about my intent for the evening. I don't quite have our dialogue down 100%, but I'll fill in anything I don't exactly remember, but the following is the gist of it for sure.

"Do you really, I mean, discipline him like that for real?" she asked, sounding confused. The sweetheart.

"I absolutely do," I said, lying through my teeth, which I am good at. "But he's the one who asked for and wants this arrangement. And after we spank him, he'll be forgiven right away. And the spanking will be bad, but it won't be all that bad. I like to scare him a little. Is that ok?"

"Sure, I guess so, I didn't know what to expect!" she said. "Should be interesting, anyways."

"I can guarantee that! Have you any experience with this sort of thing. With spanking as punishment, I mean?" I asked her.

"No," she answered, "only a little spank from my boyfriends every now and then. Just like a swat as I passed them sort of thing. Or during sex. Smack on the bottom, sort of thing. Except once my ex put me across his knee when I was teasing him on the couch, and he gave me, like ten spanks maybe, but they were so hard! I started actually crying. But I mean it was fun, he wasn't like beating me or anything."

"But it was too hard," I said, "I get it."

"It was! Way too hard. But also fun? Even though I cried? We laughed afterwards," she said.

Interesting that when I asked her about her spanking experiences, she answered as if it was she on the receiving end I was asking about. I was as if in her world it's the girls who get spanked playfully, not boys for disciplinary reasons. And that even though a male would clearly be spanked tonight by us females.

"Well, david is going to get a hard one also," I said, "and I probably will make him cry, but it'll take more than just ten with my hand."

"Really? He'll cry?" she asked.


"That is so sweet!" she said. (???)

"And I wanted to check in on your comfort level here. It's ok with you watching him get spanked like that? Hard like that? He'll have his pants off."


"And would you like to spank him as well? I think you should to get the full experience," I suggested.

"I don't know, but sure," she said. Odd turn of phrase.

"Also, you heard me telling him I would remind him who wears the pants in the family?"


"Well that's me, as you might have guessed, figuratively of course, but what is really good for reminding him of that little fact of life is the strap-on dildo. Right in his bottom. With you to see it."

"Oooh," she exclaimed, "you mean actually fuck him in the ass? While I watch?"

"Exactly. He'll be very embarrassed by your witnessing that, but I think it would really drive the lesson home if you're game?"

She nodded an ok. Speechless I suppose!

"I even have two strap-ons, we can do a 'spit roast' on him if you want. One in his bum, one in his mouth. Sound cool?"

"Yes, why not?"

"Why not indeed, you're here for an experience, might as well get the whole experience. And then he'll be forgiven after that. Shall we maybe give him a little treat at that point? Let him watch me spank you? A nice little spanking to warm your bottom."

"That sounds nice, can I keep my panties and top on though?" she asked.

"Of course, that's perfectly fine," I said. "Shall we go back out?"

She nodded, and out we went.

I was thinking that went almost as well as possible. Very open-minded young lady, out for an experience. I was pleased with that.

We walked back into the living room. There was david, still struggling to hold the paper up with his nose against the wall.

"david! Turn around and face me," I ordered.

He reached up for the paper with his hand and turned to face us, his pants still puddled around his ankles. I could see a semi-erection still in his underpants.

For my part, this was super exciting for me. I enjoy this "real life" sort of scene. david looked like a naughty little boy, standing there with his pants at his ankles and the fronts of his underpants showing as he faced us. And he always blushes in his face, and fidgets a little. I felt, as I always do, a real sense of empowerment. The presence of Samantha only amplified that feeling.

"david, this back-talk and disrespect has to stop," I scolded him. "You clearly need reminding of who wears the pants in this family, don't you?"

I do love that expression "wears the pants in the family." I think it's very masculine energy of me to say it, and very feminine energy of david to have to accept it. I also particularly enjoyed acting out this scolding in front of Samantha. david told me after that he was completely "in character" by this time, having convinced himself that he had actually said those words to me, and willing to take whatever punishment I decreed. He also said that he was tummy churning embarrassed to be scolded by me like this, with these words, and in his underwear, in front of the young lady.

"No... please..." he begged, knowing what was coming when I used that expression.

"Oh yes!" I said.

"Not in front of Miss Samantha, please Ma'am!" begged david. Little shame slut. Ignore his complaining, readers, he wanted it.

"Yes, right in front of Miss Samantha, she's already agreed to it. We will end your punishment with you bent over on your knees on that Ottoman, with you learning a lesson in respect, a long hard lesson from our dear friend Adam, and Miss Samantha will watch it all."

"Oh, is there another guy coming?" She asked. How sweet!!! She thought for a moment there that Adam was my next door neighbor or something. Not what she had signed up for!

I corrected her on that point, and explained to her who "Adam" was. For those few of you who don't know, Adam is my favourite dildo. 1.5" in girth, 7" in insertable length. A challenge for my boy if ever there was one.

"Please not Adam!" he begged.

"Adam. And you'll take every inch," I told him. "But first, young man, I think a little bit of panty training is in order. I think Samantha should see that."

"nooooo... please...." he said. Samantha was watching with a grin. This must have been moving at a mile a minute for her!

"Go upstairs," I said, as I pointed up the stairs with an outstretched arm and index finger, "and put on a pair of your panties and nothing else, and then gather up all your underpants, the ones you have on included, and bring them down to me. I'm putting them away for a month during which time you will wear panties every single day."

"Nooo! Come on, Julie, please? You can't!" More begging.

"I can and I will! And you DO NOT refer to me colloquially during discipline! Would you like me to add a month a brassiere training as well, young man? Would you?"

"No Ma'am, please!" he said.

"And would you like your mouth washed out with soap if I ever hear you refer to me by my first name during discipline again?"

"No Ma'am!"

"Then do as you're told, chop chop, we're waiting."

david bent down to pull up his pants.

No way: "Leave them around your ankles. Now go. Waddle."

david lowered his head and started waddling towards the stairs. When he got to them he turned back to me, "Excuse me, Ma'am, which pair should I put on Ma'am?"

Interesting question. I considered, and then said, "the ones I used to panty train you in front of Mistress Violet," I answered.

david turned back towards the stairs and started waddling up them, pants still at his ankles. His vulnerable bum bum in his grey undies sashaying awkwardly up.

She and I then chatted a bit about who was Mistress Violet. I held back some of the raunchier parts of that, focusing in on our spanking competition instead. She asked me if I was really going to make him wear panties for a month, and I told her I certainly was!

david made his reappearance relatively quickly, dressed in only his little red patterned and lace panties and holding a bundle of his underpants in his arms. I took the underpants out of his arms and put them away into a high cabinet shelf, telling him they were off limits for a month.

"I expect you to wear your panties for a full month. At home, at work, at the gym, with your trainer, with your doctor for all I care."

"yes ma'am," he said, standing there blushing in the middle of the room wearing only this pair of very feminine panties. He clearly had a big erection going on now, and the scanty panties could barely contain it. In fact, I could see evidence of his testicles peaking out the sides.

Samantha got in on the fun. "Ooooh! Look at how pretty!" she said. "Do a turn for us." she added. He slowly turned 360 degrees. The panty was riding up into his butt crack, and there was plenty of cheek to see. "Now do a little dance!" she said. Ha ha. She was enjoying this. david started awkwardly dancing, swaying his hips and turning around. During this exercise, his cocktip poked out the top and his testicles poked out the side. "david!" I said, and he quickly tucked it all away as best he could.

"Are you erect in your panties, young man? Answer me!" I demanded.

"Yes Ma'am!" he responded.

Turning to Samantha I said, "Isn't that pathetic, he actually gets sexually excited being humiliated like this, isn't that so, david?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Is that why you're so submissive to me, david. Is that why you put up with your discipline, because it excites you?"

"yes ma'am," admitted david, almost in tears.

"Have you ever seen anything like this?" I asked Samantha.

"I can honestly say not," she said.

"Could you ever imagine a boyfriend of yours allowing himself to be humiliated like this by two ladies?" I asked.

"Never!" she said.

"It is truly pathetic," I said, "but there's more to his disciplining than just sexual excitement, believe me, there's also going to be pain, young man, and a lot of it, is that not so?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"And pain does not excite you, does it?"

"No Ma'am."

"But pain is how you learn your lesson. How you learn to remember your place, isn't that so?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Do you consent to your disciplining tonight, david?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Ask me for it. Actually, ask both me and Miss Samantha for it," I said.

"Please, Ma'am, Please Miss, please punish me as you see fit," begged david.

As you can see, I really went overboard with setting up the scene, and the background, and then all these little humiliations, and all the scolding, and all that. I know from comments and from my email that my readers love this kind of stuff, and so does david. So I delivered. Totally! I hope you enjoyed that part. I thought it especially poignant (and wildly kinky) to scold him and humiliate him like that in front of this newbie young lady who thinks this is for real.

We have a relatively newly acquired large Ottoman (I was inspired by Tracy's - a great kink toy) in front of the couch. It was there where I intended most of the festivities to take place.

I made a show of slowly removing my sweater, and then I rolled up the right sleeve of my white blouse, and unfastened two buttons at the neck to make myself more comfortable and to enable a greater freedom of motion. I sat on the Ottoman. I looked at him with a hard look and then pointed and said, "get over my knee, little man." And with that he came over to me and bent meekly across across my knee, pantied bottom uppermost.

I gestured to the chair diagonal to us, and suggested Samantha take a seat there. She had a three-quarters view of the action, on his butt side.

"Are you ready for your spanking, young man?" I asked him, my hand resting on his bottom.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

He moved his left arm to behind my butt, and lightly grabbed my left ankle with his hand. This is kind of a ritual for us for OTK hand spanking. It really brings home for him that he is being spanked by a woman, and it keeps his hands out of the way. I enjoy the ass gropes I get as he absorbs his punishment, especially as they become more spasmodic and desperate with the pain.

"Now aren't you ashamed that you need to be spanked across my knee like this, like a child?" I said, "And that Samantha is here to witness it?" I played with his panties, arranging them symmetrically as I said this.

"Yes Ma'am, very much so Ma'am," said david.

Samantha was smiling, perched at the front of her chair with her legs crossed, like the cat who ate the canary.

I started in on his spanking...

I used just my hand at first. There's a certain intimacy to the hand. A certain childishness. A parental feeling. But my hand is no joke either! Because it was my hand, I started in full force straight away. That always surprises him and he yelped from the first, more from surprise than pain at the start.

His panties were still up, but due to their fit, a lot of his lower butt was exposed to my hand. Nonetheless, I gathered up the material in my left hand and pulled his panty forcibly into his crack. david has a bit of a "wedgy" fetish, and so I obliged.

Now, if you're going to wedgy a man in his panties, you need to do it right. I pulled hard until the material was deeply buried in his crack. As I pulled up, the material stretched and strained, but held. This puts pressure on his balls, and the material also bisects his bumhole, putting strain there as well. It also allowed a bit of brown to show on either side of his wedgy, which I "inadvertently" displayed to Samantha as I pulled up on his panty and pushed down and out on his far cheek. She could see the material really getting deeply up in there and how it pressed tightly against his anus.

david arched up onto his tippy toes to escape the wedgy, but I was ahead of him, and lifted my hand up higher so that if he dropped now, it would be even more painful. He cried out and wiggled in distress, hoisted up there like that, on his tiptoes, little feet marching, sticking his fanny out like a girl begging for her fucking. Samantha giggled.

"ouch, no, please no," he begged, as the wedgie came on full force. I ignored him and started giving him very hard smacks nicely to the well-presented underside of his bum. I kept going like that until he was well-pinkenned, and heading towards red. He was required to endure the painful wedgy the entire time.

"Would you like to have a go?" I asked Samantha.

"Sure," she said, standing up.

I  released my hold on his panties and told him to stand. He stood, facing away from Samantha. His penis was completely free of his panty. "Fix yourself!" I told him harshly, and he quickly adjusted his panties, digging them out of his butt in the process.

I rose and Samantha and I switched places. She sat on the Ottoman and said "get over" to david in a take-charge sort of way. Love it. He bent across her lap, keeping his hands in front of him. I'm sure Samantha felt his erection, as had I.

She started in smacking him with her hand. She was clearly not nearly as practiced and toughened as I, though she still did manage to get in a few zingers, but those seemed to hurt her palm as much as they did david's ass. At one point she made a fist, and spanked him with her knuckles sort of. I guess her hand hurt. Had not realized how well conditioned mine had become by contrast.

I got up and re-wedgied him. I had her hold the material in her one hand. I needed to encourage her to pull nice and hard, which she seemed to enjoy, and then she slapped away at his bum cheeks some more, adding a bit more pink to them, I would say. She seemed to be enjoying herself, which was nice as this was the very first spanking she had ever given anybody.

This was a very erotic scene for me. My husband, by my command, humbled across a daughter-aged girl's knee, being spanked and wedgied, in panties no less. I felt very pleased with myself that I was able to make this happen out of thin air, and here we were.

I ended his spanking from Samantha. He stood up and again needed to adjust his panties. She stared at his momentarily exposed cock as he did this. I smirked and went over to the cabinet where I pulled out the spanking stick. It has a smooth side and rough-textured side (like sandpaper, only different).

Sort of this shape
"No no no please..." begged david as he wiggled on the spot, holding his ass cheeks with his hands in anticipation of the blistering he was about to endure. He knows the sort of damage this paddle can do to a naughty rear end! It's not too long that it can't be used OTK, but long enough to get a lot of speed and weight and swing into the stroke, especially if you lean back a bit, as the backless Ottoman allows. I wanted Samantha to paddle him as well, and thought OTK would be safer for david for her first time.

I switched places with Samantha again, and took the Ottoman, paddle in hand, while she went back to the same chair as before. I ordered david back across my knee.

When he was across, I lay the paddle across his pantied cheeks and asked, "david,  have I got your attention yet?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he cried out.

"What you said to me was rude and disrespectful and I will not tolerate it in this household."

"I'm... I'm so sorry Ma'am." he said, his mouth catching on the words.

"I will teach you a lesson even if it means blistering your bare bottom with this paddle."

"oohhhh..." he moaned.

I put the paddle down to the side, and I reached on either side of his panties. "Up!" I said, and he raised up allowing me to lower his panties to a pretty band nestled in the crook of his knees. Even though she had seen most of the skin of his bum already due to his earlier wedgying, the ritual of the panty lowering in front of Samantha was still exquisitely embarrassing for him, I knew.

"You will receive one hundred strokes of this paddle from me, followed by another fifty from Samantha. Are you ready?"

"yes ma'am," he said quietly.

150 stokes was a serious paddle blistering. He would wind up in quite some pain and well-marked by the end of it.

I raised the paddle high and leaned back, and then just smacked the shit out of his ass with it. He yelled out with the pain, but held position. The first stroke left a mark already. I then set a steady pace, giving him ten at a time and counting the tens, then pausing for a few seconds, then the next ten.

Not even a third of the way through and his bottom was already looking severely messed up. Deep red across both his cheeks, and a telltale whiteness developing where the end part of the paddle landed. david wiggled hard but I kept him in position with just my arm. He cried out during his spanking, apologized over and over again, and begged me for forgiveness. But there would be no mercy for him. The paddle strokes continued raining down on his messed up ass cheeks as he screeched and hollered and begged.

I loved that he could not control himself at all, even with Samantha there to watch his childish carryings on. I loved that he was carrying on in manner that more befitted a ten-year-old girl receiving a spanking than a grown man.

Occasionally I would direct a group of ten to just the near cheek, as it was not getting the same workout as the far one. For this I needed to lean way back and then smack only the one near cheek.

I kept most of the strokes low, where ass meets thigh, right at that crease or just above, but went right up to mid-ass as well, to spread things out a bit.

While this is not a picture of his ass, it looked similar in many ways once I had finished his 100 from me. Over the course of the evening the most impacted areas would bruise up purple, and they stayed that way for several days (nightly inspections!)

I had worked up quite a bit of a sweat doing this. I had not checked in with Samantha at all, focused as I was on delivering his punishment, but looked at her now, and raised my eyebrows in a "what do you think?" sort of gesture.

"Wow!" she said. "His butt is beat!" Indeed it was, and she didn't seem to have any problem with it.

I told david to stand. He did so stiffly and painfully. His panties were down around his ankles, and his penis was limp and tiny. His hands went right back to his bum cheeks, to try to rub some of the sting out, for real. Unlike some other disciplinarians, I allow this sometimes, as it makes for such a poignant tableau.

His face was wet with sweat, with snot, and, yes, with tears. "Awww, look at you," I said. "Your face is a mess." I went to the kitchen and got some tissues to dry his face off. "Are those tears?" I asked, looking closely, because it was hard to tell given the sweat and the snot.

"yes <sniff> ma'am," he said. Yay. I had made my boy cry! And in front of a young woman no less.

To Samantha I asked, "you still good for his other fifty?

"Are you sure he can take it?" she asked, prudently.

"Of course he can," I said, "besides, if you don't do it, I will, and likely harder, so getting you is probably a lucky break for him. Think of it that way."

"Well... since you put it like that..." and she flounced over to the Ottoman and sat. I handed her the paddle and she admired it. I told david to get across her knee. Now!

He gingerly lowered himself and bent across her knees. I gave her some basic instruction with the paddle, where to hit, basically, telling her about the dangers of going too high, and how going too low can mean extra punishment, encouraging her to concentrate on the areas I had just visited, which were visibly marked, and maybe a good few high up on his legs as well, as they were still relatively untouched.

She started in and gave a pretty good showing of herself. A few strokes went a bit astray and I had to step in and correct her, but they were relatively light strokes as she was not going hard without the confidence yet. Then she kinda got the hang of it after the first ten or so, and david was off to the races.

It seemed that even though this spanking was lighter than mine, it had just as good an effect, and david cried out with the strokes. I encouraged her to go a bit harder, and also to target the backs of his legs. She was having a little trouble controlling him, as david could no longer control himself, so I taught her some basic leg lock variations. For the first I had her hook just his near leg which spread him out, displaying his bum hole and the junk between his legs. I had her give him a few spanks like that, and encouraged her to target his near inner thigh which was easily accessible. Then I showed her the full lock, with her right leg draped over the backs of both of his, him hiked high over her left knee. I also made him put his right hand up and behind his back, so Samantha could arm-lock him as well.

"He's not going anywhere now," I said. Samantha seemed very comfortable like that, and the prime target areas of low butt and high thigh were well-presented to her paddle. We agreed she should finish off his remaining strokes, 20 of them, with him in full lockdown like this, and that she could go a bit harder now that she had the hang of it.

She hauled off and gave him twenty real zingers, and david really had nothing to say about it. Despite his involuntary gyrations, Samantha was able to control him nonetheless even as she blister-paddled his bare ass and thighs.

After the full 50, bringing the total to his full measure of 150, Samantha allowed him to rise.

"Wow!" she said. "That was actually a blast." Ha ha. So nice she had such a fun time at my husband's considerable expense.

david again clutched at his red and blistered rear end, and again I had to wipe the sweat, snot, and tears from him.

"Now, david," I said, "I want a full apology."

"I'm so, so sorry," he started, sniffling away, "I will never ever disrespect you or say bad words to you ever again."

"And the housework?" I prompted.

"I'll do all my chores, Ma'am, really well, and I won't ever backtalk you again, I promise."

As he was reciting this, he continued clutching at his ass and sort of gyrating up and down, which caused his flaccid, hairless penis to flop around in front of Samantha and I. His panties remained puddled around his feet. A heartfelt, sore bum, bare penis apology to me, in front of a young female witness, drives the lesson home.

"Your punishment is almost finished, david," I said. "But first, I do need to remind you who wears the pants in the family, as I promised I would."

This was the part I was waiting for!

I instructed him to put a nearby towel down on the Ottoman. Then to push the Ottoman right into the couch. Then to get up on his hands and knees and stick that tushy out for us, like a good girl.

He did that, and I gave his bottom a little spank, and then caressed his bruises. I gestured Samantha over also, who also ran her hand along the ridges caused by the paddle, and along his bruised and crimson red ass.

I took his panties off his ankles and stuffed them into his mouth. "Spread your knees apart. Now lower your chest to the Ottoman. Arch your back. That's it," I told him. Now he was really presenting for us. His asshole plain as day. His still flaccid penis mostly hidden behind his dangling ball sac plainly visible between his spread legs. Only the tip of his softened cock visible.

With him like that, I gathered the necessary equipment. I had lube, paper towels, condoms, latex gloves (for her benefit), two strap-on harnesses, my big dildo, Adam, and a smaller ridged purple one. I also had his prostate stimulator to stretch him out a bit before penetration.

I asked her to pass me some of the latex gloves. I put them on. I then asked her for the lube. She was like a nurse in my operating room. I dribbled the lube down his crack and into his hole. I used my gloved finger to push the lube deep into his asshole. He moaned like a slut. I then asked for the prostate stimulator, and gently inserted that into his rear end, right to the hilt. I explained its function to Samantha as I did so. I turned it on using the switch at the base, and set it to the high setting where it buzzed away, massaging his prostate and stretching his anal passage.

I allowed him to stand again, and I conducted him to the corner, where I made him stick his nose right into it, panty gagged and butt plugged as he was.

"I'm going to leave you like that for a few minutes while Samantha and I prepare. When we return, we will reinforce with you who wears the pants in this family and who wears the panties. Who is the man in the relationship, and who is the woman. Who is the woman in this relationship, david?"

"I am Ma'am," he said from his corner, to a giggle from Sam.

"That's right, and when we come back, you'll be expected to perform sexually like a woman. Do you know what that means, david?"

"Yes Ma'am. That I take your cock in my mouth and also in my ass." Smart boy, but he missed someone.

"Not only mine, david, but Miss Samantha's as well," I reminded him.

"Yes Ma'am, that I'll also take Miss Samantha's cock in my mouth and my ass," he corrected himself.

"And both at the very same time, one fucking your mouth, the other fucking your ass, and then we'll switch," I added.

"Yes Ma'am," responded david.

I pushed his nose deeper into the corner and told him no looking.

I whipped off my skirt and my blouse, stripping down to my bra and panties. I put the strap-on harness on myself, with Adam protruding mightily from it. Samantha had followed suit, but kept her blouse on. She had on black panties. She was fumbling with the strap-on harness, and I offered to help, which she graciously accepted. I adjusted the straps to fit her. She had the smaller (but still decent-sized) purple ridged dildo.

She joked around a bit with her new penis, twirling it in the air in a circular motion and giggling. Children! I got two condom packages, handed her one, and I kept the other. I quickly opened the package and slid mine on. She was a bit less sure, but got the job done regardless. A lifetime of extreme sluttishness from me paying off now in condom handling dexterity! A sign of a misspent youth.

I got david out of his corner, removed the panties from his mouth, and re-positioned him on the Ottoman. I asked my assistant for a paper towel. I switched the prostate stimulator off and slid it out carefully from his hole. I was relieved to see that it was pretty clean. I wrapped it in the paper towel and put it down.

I suggested that she fuck him in the ass first, as she has the smaller dildo. I helped position david better relative to her height, and provided the lube on both his hole and her cock. Then I guided the head in, and helped her push past that initial resistance and then deep into his bowels. david cried out a bit and moaned at the penetration. I told her to hold his hips and to start gently thrusting into and out of him.

"There," I said to david, "are you getting fucked like a real little lady now?"

"yes ma'am..." he mewled out between thrusts.

"I feel like a Dude!" said Samantha, who was increasing the intensity of his ass fucking thrust by thrust.

I dove onto the couch, spread my legs on either side of david, and slid down until Adam was right near his lips. "Suck it, woman," I told him. He submissively lowered his head onto my cock and began sucking on it. The fucking from behind made him bob up and down on my cock without him even trying. Adam is a mouthful, and he can barely speak when it is down his throat. He desperately scrambled not to gag on it, which was hard giving the intensifying fucking into his rear end by the enthusiastic and fit young Samantha.

At one point Samantha's cock came out from his ass, but she did not notice and kept thrusting. david had to extricate himself off my cock and say, "please Miss, your cock, it's out!" She seemed confused, and I had to explain it to her. She backed off and looked down, then re-positioned it and thrust in deeply. I pushed his head back down onto Adam, and we went at it for a few minutes more.

"Let's switch?" I asked Sam. She agreed and we both slid out of our respective orifices. Her dildo was clean. I lined up behind him and Samantha took my old place on the couch, legs straddling his head.

"Take it in your mouth," I told him. david seemed unsure, but then reached for the condom on Sam's cock, peeled it off, and set it aside. Oops! My mistake. Should have told him to do that. But then he took Sam's cock into his mouth and started sucking on it reluctantly.

His asshole was well-stretched by now. I could tell by it's look. It was distended. I got some more lube, lubed up his asshole even more. The lube just fell into it. And then lubed up Adam. I put Adam on his asshole and thrust in. "Aaaahhhh!" said david as I slid Adam home. The I started fucking him, good and hard, with that giant 'ol dildo. Teaching lessons!

"Get down on Samantha's cock," I said as I fucked him. "Do you ever want this fucking to end? You better do as I tell you. All the way down your throat, I want to see your pursed lips on her black panties, you little whore."

david in fact did want his fucking to end, and so went as deep as I've ever seen him!

After a few minutes of this, I could tell david really wanted to stop. He tried signalling me by tapping surreptitiously on me with his feet. Like a "tapping out" sort of thing in UFC. I ignored it for another minute or so and really drove Adam deep into him, all while insisting he bob up and down and deep throat Samantha's cock. Hey, I enjoy this part of it. He should suffer for me. But he was well and truly done, so I slipped out of him and quickly removed the condom inside out and stashed it into a paper towel. It was a bit dirty. Adam is a real test. I then got him off Sam's cock by his hair, and directed him to his knees in front of me.

"Do you understand you place now, woman?" I asked him, standing there with my giant cock face level.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"Good!" I said. "How's that ass?"

"Extremely sore Ma'am,"

"Inside and out, I'll bet?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Did you learn your lesson? Will you ever use words like that towards me again?"

"No Ma'am, never ever. I promise!"

"Good boy," I said, "you're forgiven," and I gave him a kiss on his forehead. I also made him kiss the tip of my cock, and then had him do the same to Samantha's.

"What did you think of that?" I asked Samantha.

"I've never done that before!"

"An evening of firsts," I said, "did you enjoy fucking him?"

"Yes! Now I sort of know what it's like for a guy..."

"You do," I said, as I helped her off with her strap-on and took mine off as well.

"But now," I said to the room, "I do believe there's someone else here who needs a spanking?"

Samantha giggled. She's a bit giggly.

I sat down on the Ottoman, and pulled her gently across my knee. She was still in her blouse and panties. I was in my pretty white bra and white panties. I started rubbing her cheeks and giving them some soft spanks. I smiled at my husband and motioned him with my eyes to scurry around for a better view. He wasted no time doing that, and knelt there, naked and ass to heels, watching the show.

I alternated spanks with rubs and built up the intensity. She squeaked and squealed, even with a very light spanking. I concentrated my spanks low, where they echo into a girl's pussy. Her brown-black bottom did not redden at all, but sort of turned a slightly paler shade of brown. She put her hands on the Ottoman and pushed up, arching her back and grimacing at my light spanks. What a sissy.

But david was clearly enjoying the show. I told Samantha to look over at david. "He clearly likes it!" she said, because his cock had finally regained its erection, and in spades, and the red engorged tip could be plainly seen poking straight up between his legs onto his belly as he knelt there.

I called a premature end to her spanking, as she is clearly not into spanking!

"Do you mind if I take care of that," I said, pointing to david's engorged penis.

"Not at all," she said, "as long as it's you who's taking care care of it!"

Hey! That was uncalled for. I guess she thought "Ewwww! Old!"

I told david to stand. I reached out my hand and stroked his erect cock.

"What do you think of it?" I asked Samantha, referring to my husband's cock.

"It's very pretty," she said.

"How about the size? How does he stack up to your boyfriends?" I asked.

"Oh, no contest there. They're a lot bigger, but I like them big."

And I can confirm that from pre-marriage experience. Black cocks do tend to be bigger! Sorry white boys. I hope that's not racist?

"Why don't you stroke it now, sweetie, right in front of Sam and I," I told him.

He licked his palm and began stroking his cock while we watched, amused at the spectacle.

"Come here," I said, and I moved him to the Ottoman and lay him down on it face up, feet dangling off the end. "Keep stroking," I told him. And then I just whipped off my panties and sat on his face looking down his body. "Lick my asshole while you stroke it." I knelt up a bit and grabbed my own ass cheeks, spread them, and put my hole down right onto his mouth.

"Lick it!" I told him. "You know you like that. You know you like serving me like that. Get that tongue up in there now, nice and deep. Samantha, come around, have a look."

Samantha walked around. I lifted myself a bit off of him and spread my cheeks, david had to strain to get his tougue up to me.

"Oh My Gosh!" she said. "He's actually licking your asshole!"

All the while david has been stroking down there. I get up off him, as I know his explosion is not far away. I make him stop rubbing himself and take him over my knee. I tell him to spread his legs, I grab his cock and balls up between them, and tell him to clamp them shut again. I get some lube, and squirt it onto his penis and balls, and I start hand jobbing him.

"Now david," I tell him, "I've decided I have one more little punishment coming your way. After I make you cum with my hand, I'm going to keep rubbing for, I don't know, a minute or two afterwards. And you will have to just lay there across my knee and take it, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am!" said david, ready to agree to anything, so close to his orgasm now.

"Samantha," I said, "I'm worried he won't be able to hold position once this starts, would you be a dear and hold his wrists in your hands?"

She was happy to. She grabbed up his wrists and stood in front of him, extending his arms out. I replicated Sam's leck-log position, one leg on his two, and continued rubbing his penis. I slipped a finger of my other hand into his asshole and manually massaged his prostate gland. Between the asshole massage and the cock massage, david started moaning like a total slut!

How embarrassing that a pretty female guest, young enough to be his daughter, is there to witness his wife doing this to him in front of her. Reducing him to a horny little bitch begging for her release.

"Oh! No! No! Please! Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh! NOOO!" (david loves fantasizing in his head that he is "forced to cum" by me in front of a female witness, or group of them, so this is what was going on in his head when he said this, but it also meant he was right on the verge of cumming). I kept rubbing his cock vigorously while finger fucking his ass and he came in a shooting jet of cum that I directed down the backs of his thighs. "Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" he said as he came.

But unlike usual, I didn't stop. I took my finger out of his ass and grabbed his cock in both hands while always continuing to rub the tip of his penis with various motions, up and down, circular, squeezing, and so on.

His cries of orgasmic joy merged into cries of anguish and agony! Samantha tightened her grip on his arms and I clamped down hard with my leg to keep him in place, and just kept rubbing.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

I kept it up until his cock was soft as a wet noddle and my rubbing was having less and less of an effect on him.

"Oh please don't ever do that again!" he said, but with a smile in his voice. Oh yeah, he's getting that again!

"Oh my gosh, that looked like it hurt so much," said Samantha.

I slipped out from under david, but kept him turned face down on the towel-covered Ottoman. I had him keep his legs tightly together with his cock and balls showing, and cum down his legs. I wiped the by now very sticky cum on my hands onto his ass. I told him to stay there as I need to clean him up before he's allowed to move as I don't want cum on my furniture or carpets.

I went to the kitchen (bottomless and in my bra!) and washed my hands. I then came back into the living room and started getting dressed. Samantha followed suit, with both the hand washing and the dressing.

"Honey, please?" begged david, wanting to be cleaned up and released to get dressed like us.

"Shush you!" I said, "Stick your tongue out of your mouth. Is that your dirty tounge that licked my asshole?"

"Yeee miiim" said david, having difficulty speaking with his tounge sticking out like that.

"You keep that tongue stuck out there . I'll wash your tongue and mouth with soap after Samantha's left. I don't want you having a dirty mouth."

Poor david, it had just gotten worse!

"Well that was amazing!" I told Samantha.

"It sure was interesting," she said, "you guys are the kinkiest people I know!"

"Thank you!" I said, taking it as a compliment. "Would you like a drink or something, some wine maybe?"

"No, I really have to go, it's so late, you guys probably need to get to work tomorrow. I'll just get an Uber."

She ordered up the Uber. ETA was only 5 minutes. I tried to press some Uber money onto her. At first she refused, but I was insistent, so she took it gratefully. I mean, she is young enough to be my daughter, wouldn't a Mom do that?

We talked a bit more about the kink scene. Meanwhile, I still hadn't cleaned up david, so he is just lying there, raw blistered ass up, forbidden from moving, soaked in cum, with his punished cock and balls sticking out, clamped tightly between his legs, his ass licking tongue on full display as well.

And then the Uber showed up. We hugged. She yelled out a goodbye to david, he mumbled something unintelligible back, and she left out the front door.

I did get around to cleaning up my husband, including a little soapy washcloth scrub of his tongue. Ha ha. We debriefed afterwards and he told me he loved it, despite his super sore everything! He thanked me for having the courage to make this kind of thing happen, which I thought was sweet.

I did not get the vibe that we would have a return session with Samantha. I think the age difference is too great. She should hang out with boys and girls her own age. Maybe she will develop her kink. I'll try to stay a little in touch with her.

Amazing stuff!