Wednesday, October 29

Sister Lends a Hand

I was out with my sister Sue for dinner the other night, just the two of us, and having just blogged about my cunnilingus adventures with david, I shared some of it with Sue as well, along the lines of how handy it was to have a submissive boy in one's bed. She asked if he got any. I told her I allowed him to self-pleasure.

"So mean," she said. "After all he did for you, when it was his turn he had to use his own hand?  You didn't even use your hand on him? So mean!"

"I was tired," I answered, "but if you think it's so mean, maybe you should just go ahead and do it yourself.  Put your hand where your mouth is. He seems to like it when you do it." I was pulling a bit of a mock snarky / jealous tone. Sue is very attractive to males and knows it. But my tone was in fun and she knew it. Despite "playing for the other team", Sue has assisted me in these wifely chores before. Once most notably with david nude in front of the kitchen sink and Sue with rubber gloves, dish soap, a finger up his anus, and the other rubbing his dick! One of her more memorable Christmas gifts for david.

Sue is a fun sister to have around!

Picking up on my teasing tone, Sue said "Well maybe I will. If you can't seem to find the energy to jerk off your husband, you clearly need help in that department."

Sue does genuinely enjoy dominating david with me, and she enjoys the mechanics of making a male squirt.

"Fine." I said. "We'll go to my place after dinner and you can take care of that right away, since you feel so sorry for him."

"Fine." She said.

Looks like david would be getting a handy from my sister!

Despite the teasing nature of the conversation, we both knew Sue was doing me a favour. david really fantasizes about things like this, and I love indulging him on the rare occasions that circumstances safely permit, and Sue is currently all we've got in terms of extra-curricular help in that regard (I know, I need to work on that, and will!).

The whole thing was in the back of my mind all through dinner, and I was anxious to get the check (I bought this time around - thought it was the least I could do). david would be so thrilled!

We got home and I called for david. We greeted and he said "hi Sue", a little sheepishly. He is always now a little sheepish around Sue. I mean, Sue has seen david in the most compromising situations imaginable: in lingerie, nude, jerking off, getting an enema, spanked, bent over for a strapping, giving head, and receiving hard anal intercourse from me. She's seen it all, and she's dished out a fair measure as well. No wonder my boy is a little sheepish around her!

I started right in: "david, I told Sue about our bedroom adventures a few nights ago. She feels sorry for you that all you got was to jerk off. I think you were lucky to get to cum at all, but Sue feels differently."

Sue nodded her head in sympathy.

"So Sue's offered to give you a hand job herself." I continued. "Would you like that david? Would you like if Sue were to give you a hand job?"

david looked a tad unsure of himself, but did the politically correct thing: "Ummm... Well is that ok with you, Julie?"

"Yes it is ok with me, david" I answered. "But would you like that? Answer the question."

david plucked up his courage and answered simply "yes Ma'am." He didn't know the consequences, but he wasn't about to give this up either!

"How naughty of you!" I said. "I think we may have to have a talk later about you 'liking' having a woman other than your wife doing something like that to you."

david looked a bit worried. he knew that this kind of "talk" would likely involve a very painful application of strap oil to his rear end and thighs. It's not that I mind sexy things like this hand job happening, it's more that regardless, after an experience of this kind a husband needs to be reminded of to whom he belongs. But that was for after. First, the main event: a sexy hand job from his sexy sister-in-law!

"Well we may as well get started," I continued. "david, go upstairs, get undressed, use the toilet if you need to, and washup with the washcloth. Then get out the lube, the baby oil, a pair of latex gloves, and your little vibrating bum toy. Is it charged up?"

"yes ma'am"

"Good. Then stick it in and turn it on full blast." Then I turned to Sue and said "he cums quicker with it in, and I wouldn't want to tire out your wrist."

"Ha!" she said, "little chance of that!" referring either to her excellent physical fitness, her hand jobbing technique well-learned during high school and beyond, or to david's tendency to be a bit overly speedy in that regard (although he has been getting longer of late...), I'm not sure which.

"Then, david," I continued, "I want you to set up the spanking chair facing the bed, and then lie down on the bed on your tummy, within reach of that chair, with lots of pillows under your hips."

"yes ma'am," he said, acknowledging my detailed instructions. I've been doing this for a while, and I know how I want things.

"You make sure that your bum is high and your little package is hanging out behind and your thighs are clamped together. You keep your head buried in the covers the whole time this is going on, do you understand? I don't want you making lovey eyes at Sue while she's doing this. Got it?"

"yes ma'am" he said.

"And when you're in position and ready, you yell out 'This slut is ready for her hand job, Ma'am', over and over again until we come in. understand?"

"yes ma'am".

"Off you go."

david scurried up to the master bedroom to do as he was told and I poured Sue and myself a glass of david's vintage port.

Sue commented on my detailed instructions to david, and how impressed she was. I told her that I knew how I wanted things done, but was everything ok with her? She said everything was perfect. That she likes that I'm in control of the situation.

She asked if he would be getting a spanking for wanting the hand job from her? I told her he would be, but it would come later on in the week, and it would be a doozy. Not as hard as the time he got that blowjob, she hoped, referring to the time we played with Sue's then live-in partner who had a fantasy of being "made to" give a man she had deliberately teased a blowjob.

I got a teeny tiny bit carried away after that one, even though I had consented and had even enjoyed the scene, and strapped his ass black and blue before giving him a punishment fucking that had him begging for me to stop in front of the two of them. oops!

Before too long we heard the cry from upstairs:

"This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job. ..."

I got up, but Sue motioned me down and asked how many times should we let him say it before we went upstairs?

It was Sue's rodeo, so I said as many times as she wanted. So Sue held out her glass for a refill while david continued repeating his phrase over and over again:

"This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job, Ma'am. Julie, Sue, this slut is ready for handjob!! Please! This slut is ready for her handjob! ..."

He kept repeating it until he fell into a monotonous rythm, and Sue smirked at me as she sipped at her port wine and we enjoyed a moment of silence between us as we listened to david beg continuously for his relief.

After I'm not sure how much time we put down our glasses and went upstairs to david.

"This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job. This slut is ready for her hand job..."

"That will do, david." I said, and he stopped.

He also turned his head and looked at us. I jumped over to him, grabbed his hair, and smushed his face straight down into the bedsheets and said "What did I tell you about looking at us? You keep your head down the entire time or I will send Sue straight home. Do you understand me?"

"yes mumph" he said, mumbling his words as I kept his head pressed hard into the bedsheets.

Sue then went into action.

"Well what have we here?" She said, patting david on the ass and jiggling his vibrating butt plug in his hole. "It looks we have a very, very naughty boy."

She then put on the latex gloves, picked up the liquid lube eschewing the baby oil, and dribbled it from high up all up and down and over his cock shaft, tip, and balls. She put away the lube, and sat on the chair facing her task. She put her left hand on his low back and ass cheeks, and used her right to massage the lube into his private parts.

Here is the scene, pretty accurately portrayed by my lill sketch slut:

david moaned as my sister gently caressed his hard cock and prominently exposed balls, massaging the lube into him. Then Sue got more serious with her right hand and began rubbing it up and down his shaft, and up around and down and across the tip of his penis.

david had by now become very hard and was wiggling his bum in little spasms and sticking it up high in the air. Sue moved her other hand from his low back, to his ass cheeks, to his plug, and to his balls, squeezing them gently and massaging them. I perched on the bed and was enjoying the show. It's not every day you get to see your husband treated in such a way by your sister!

I find the treatment to be quite demeaning to him, if you know what I mean? All he is, really, is a set of cock and balls, rubbed by my sister, who is not even into men, until he loses all control and squirts. Meanwhile he's humping the pillows, sticking his plugged ass up higher in that air, waving it around and begging for it like a little slut. totally demeaning to him. Totally objectified. And I love it!

"Are you liking this?" She asked him rhetorically. "You're a naughty boy for liking this. Are you going to get a spanking from Julie afterwards for liking this. Huh? You better be enjoying this, because Julie is going to give you such a bad spanking afterwards..."

david moaned and raised his ass even higher.

"Look!" said Sue, "he wants his spanking!"

She continued, "and does mean old Julie not do this for you often enough? Huh? Is that it? Well I think you're a very nice husband to Julie, especially in the bedroom, who from time to time deserves a little more than just to be allowed to jerk himself off. Is that right? Are you a good husband to Julie? Do you deserve to get a hand job every now and then?

david moaned like a little tramp, and Sue slowed down momentarily and bent his cock upwards to show me the engorged head of his penis and a dribble of clear pre-cum oozing from his tip.

She went back to rubbing him. david moaned more loudly and shot his hands underneath the pillows to jack-knife himself higher.

"Are you ready to cum?" Asked Sue.

"Oh yeah!" replied david.

"Well, then ask Julie if you may be allowed to cum," said Sue as she eased off the rubbing and teased his drippy cock.

"Please Julie!" Said david a little frantically, please may I cum, Julie?!?"

"I'm not the one rubbing your dick," I said, "ask Sue if you can cum."

"Please, Sue," said david, "please may I cum now???"

"You may cum now, baby." Said Sue.

She continued rubbing, but david did not cum right away. I guess the asking for permission slowed him down. Sue encouraged him: "Who's a good boy? Who's a good husband to my sister? Who licks my sister's pussy whenever she wants it? Is that you, baby? Is that you who's such a good husband?"

Darned right he is, or else his ass would be belt whipped black and blue!

And along that line of questioning david completely disgraced himself, shooting his steamy white load out his penis tip and all down the backs of his legs and thighs.

Sue squeezed the last bits out and shook his cock onto the backs of his legs.

"Was that fun?" She asked david.

"Oh yes Ma'am," he said, remembering to keep his head buried.

I went to the bathroom to run the warm water and wet a washcloth. I came back with some toilet paper, the warm washcloth and a small dry towel, and started cleaning him up as Sue watched. I stopped the vibrating butt plug and gently pulled it out.

"Here," said Sue, reaching over to spread his ass cheeks so I good use some toilet paper in there and then the warm washcloth on his nicely spread hole.

Between Sue and I he got the "royal treatment": a warm washcloth and vigorous drying off with the towel afterwards all over his most private and still highly sensitive parts!

And that was that for the evening.

And yes, david was punished a a few days later to remind him where the favours and the punishments come from. It was with hairbrush and belt, with a special concentration to his tender inner thighs. He also had to jerk himself off to a very quick clock, the punishment for failing to cum being another whipping on those sensitive inner thighs. My my, but if that didn't just go on for two hours like that, with him having to start from limp each time because of how hard I whipped him between! He was sooo sore the next day, it was funny watching him getting up and walking. But I'll blog about that in more detail next time. 'Till then!

Wednesday, October 22

Cunnilingus. Now!

We were in bed the other, night, my husband and I. We had just finished watching the monologue on Dave Letterman and turning off the TV. david turned and gave me a nice little kiss on the cheek, as he often does. He went back to lie down on his side of the bed and turn out the light. Before he did, I reached over and gave his hair a little tussle as I looked him in the eye. As our eyes met, I decided I wanted something...

My tussle turned into a grab, and I started gently pulling him down. He smiled, turned out the light, and willingly went under the comforter and down between my legs. I guided him by his hair until his head was fully between my legs and his tongue had started working. I pulled him harder into me.

He lapped gently at my pussy. I put my hands around his head and pulled him into me harder. He increased his intensity. He took a finger and put it inside of me. I was so wet. The tip of his finger rubbed at my G-Spot as he licked my pussy lips, my slit, my clit. It was dark in the room and quiet. It felt like all my senses were concentrated on my one spot.

I turned over onto my side, into a fetal position, my back to him. He followed, turning his body around so that his feet were at the back of my head, reverse spooning so that his head was ideally placed to lick my pussy from behind. I put a pillow between my legs to keep them open for his duties. He put a pillow under his head to keep it elevated and at the right angle to continue his licking and fingering chores. He thoughtfully made made sure the covers were on me. His head was buried underneath. I am sure he was hot and suffocating. I didn't care.

His one hand wandered all over my breasts, tummy, and abdomen. His other hand all over the back of my head, my back, my ass, and my pussy. He played around at the opening. He put a finger in, then out again. He got my G-Spot good again, kept his finger pressing there, and licked and licked hard.

My husband is skilled at giving me oral sex. He knows exactly what I want and how I want it. I think this is an advantage of having a bedroom submissive: he is willing to be trained and he will do as he is told.

I felt the tell-tale heat in my mid-section. Hottter and hotter. I screamed loudly as I came. I rode the wave of a lovely orgasm, and then straightened out my legs pushing him away when I wanted no more of his tongue, and rode the last few juddering waves by myself.

He disentangled the pillows, restored the bed, and went back to his side of the bed as I lay there blissfully content on mine.

Sometimes that will be it. We will go to sleep, his wifely duties done.

Tonight I reached over to him. I felt him. His shaft was rigid as a steel rod. I like him like that.

Sometimes I leave him like that.

Once, when he was like that, I heard a noise, a faint rustling from his side of the bed, and felt some slight vibrations. He had licked his palm and was very quietly rubbing himself! I was annoyed. I wanted to sleep.

"Stop that!" I hissed at him. "I'm trying to sleep. You're getting a paddling tomorrow for that." Bad boy was hard to begin, and was now contemplating a paddling from me, the thought of which makes him harder still. But he didn't dare touch himself again that night. There are paddlings and then there are PADDLINGS!

And then there are STRAPPINGS too!

But we're not talking about those, and we're not talking about that day. He knows now better than to touch himself at bedtime without my permission.

I took his hand, and guided it to his own cock.

"May I?" he asked breathlessly.

"You may. But be quick." I did need to sleep.

He licked his palm and dove back down to rub himself. Staying to my side of the bed, I absentmindedly reached over and stroked his legs, side tummy, and every now and then his balls, and brushed his cock as his hand worked itself furiously up and down his naughty hard shaft.

I could feel and hear his fist pounding up and down and up and down his cock. Rythmically. Interrupted only briefly, then back at it. Hard. He was pounding his poor little penis. His wet palm squooshing up and down.

I reached over and grabbed his balls. I squeezed them. He moaned in pain but kept going.

I took my hand away and curled up on my side of the bed. "Hurry up and finish up now. If you're not done in 60 seconds you're not cumming at all tonight."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said as he re-doubled his efforts.

I thought I'd help him along with the kind of talk that excites him:

"And if you don't cum like a man tonight, I'll treat you like a woman tomorrow..."

"Oh... yes dear!... Ohhh"

"I'll make you wear your panties and bra, with your big boobs in. Maybe I'll invite Sue over to see you like that. Would you like that?"

"Noooo.... noooo please..."

"Oh yes. She can watch you bend over the couch while I strap you. I'll ask her to be the one to pull your panties down and stuff them in your mouth for your strapping."

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!"

"And then I'll really treat you like a woman. I'll put on my strap-on and you can get down on your knees and show Sue how good you suck cock..."


"Good Boy! That was quick!"

I gave him a couple of seconds.

"Are you cleaning yourself up?"

"yes ma'am..."

He knows to lick it all up into his mouth, and swallow it all down like the naughty little slut he is.

Household rule.

Night night!

Friday, October 17

A new eSubbie!

I'm sooo excited! I have a new eSubbie who is actually obedient. We will call him jessie (or perhaps 'jessica' which may suit him better as you will see).

Young jessie, an early twenty-something male, wrote to me saying how he has always wanted to be dressed as a woman, and also has fantasies of being spanked by a woman. He asked me for my help. I am eager to please a genuine young man such as jessie!

I told him that his first stop was Victoria's Secret for a girly shopping expedition. I offered to write him a letter to help "break the ice". He was to print out the letter and hand it to the salesgirl at VS.

Jessie, please print this note, hand it to your sales associate when you go shopping, and ask nicely if she will please read it. Be super-respectful at all times, and leave without making a fuss if she cannot assist you.


Dear Ms.,
I am writing you this note on behalf of my young pen-pal, Jessie, standing in front of you. I write a blog that Jessie is a fan of reading. Among other things, it recounts how I have taken my husband to buy lingerie for him to wear.

Jessie reached out to me by email and confessed that he too has always had a deep desire to dress in women's clothes, and lamented that he had no understanding partner/girlfriend such as myself who would be willing to take him shopping. I am too far away, unfortunately, and value keeping my blogging and personal lives separate, so the only way I can help is by writing this note.

In my several experiences shopping with my husband, our sales help has been so very open-minded and understanding with this issue. So I recommended to Jessie that he should just go ahead and buy some lingerie for himself, head held high, and that hopefully his experience would be a good one as well.

So, while an unusual request, may we please ask if you would help Jessie to find about 5 pairs of panties in his size. I am thinking pinks and reds, or powder blues. Subtle trim around the leggings and waistband perhaps? More full cut in the front, but ok if they are a little cheeky and "ride up" in the rear so he gets the full experience! While you may have to suggest some things, you should definitely involve Jessie in the selection.

I am not sure of my friend's budget, but if it will stretch beyond the panties then I am thinking, in this order, stockings with garter belt, a properly fitted bra with breast forms, and then maybe a sheer baby doll nighty to go on top?

My pen-pal will no doubt be exceptionally embarrassed by this whole thing, but I think there's no avoiding that.

I know this is "above and beyond" the call of duty for you, but I would really be forever grateful if you were to assist Jessie with this.

Thank you!


Here is jessie's initial recounting of his experience:
Oh Ms. Julie! What an experience i had! I wish it could have lasted longer, but i might have peed my pants if it did... I was so embarrassed! Did you know this weekend there was a panty party at VS? That was good in a way (I got 7 for $26.50). But it also meant there were tons of girls shopping through the panty drawers right next to me!

The sales girl who helped me was somewhat removed. Maybe it's because she was busy, i dont know. She didnt read your note all the way through, but i do think she skimmed it. i wish she would have been loud, and let some of those girls around me know i was shopping for me. But she only helped me for a few minutes and then had to go somewhere else in the store.

But those few minutes were still amazing! I looked for pinks and reds and blues just like you said. I bought mostly pinks. Do you want to see? Can i please show you? I'll hold them or wear them or pose however you like! Maybe you could even put them on your blog and post about me?

I only bought panties yesterday (the lady may have missed the part in the note about more lingerie in her skimming, and i was too scared to ask her any more.) As much as i wanted it, i was way too terrified to be measured for a bra with the store crowded as it was. And i couldnt really pick one myself. I dont know what size i am. And i didnt really see any garter belts. Im not sure where they are. But im ok taking it slow, the panties alone are amazing! 

Please let me show you!

jessie (Your jessica)

Well of course he may! Here are his photos:

Sale! 7 for $26.50. PINK for the young lady.

Nothing says "panty trained" like toting a VS bag around the mall!

What a spectacular ass!!!

And here is the accompanying second note (I required more details, of course!). 
But i got there and saw it was so crowded. naturally i got a bit nervous. I turned around, and then turned around again and went in. So i just started looking myself. Then a girl came up and asked if i needed help.She was quite young. My age. Maybe a bit older. She was wearing a black and white patterned pair of leggings. Needless to say, her hips were wide and her ass was round. I envied her a bit. (And liked looking too.) I couldn't help but look as she led me to more panties. I was a bit hesitant in handing her the note. And like i said, she didn't read it all the way through. She was professional. Didn't even smirk. (I couldn't believe it.) But she did help me look. I loved that. In a way i was disappointed. She didn't really say anything to me. But it was still a really fun, exciting time. Maybe I'll get another chance to go? Maybe it won't be so crowded and I'll have a full fledged experience.When I checked out, i felt giddy, in line with the other girls. The cashier asked me for my address and number. I told a fake one. I don't know why. Guess i was embarrassed. What if they sent Victoria's Secret magazines to my mailbox. What would people think? Then she handed me my pink bag. That's like the ultimate symbol of femininity at the mall, don't you think?
I do think!

I have told jessica to pull down her panties, give herself a good hard hairbrush spanking, and send me the evidence. I mean, she only got a quarter of the way through her shopping!

I am forwarding another note for jessie to present to the salesgirl for the rest of his shopping. Now that I've seen her ass, I really want to see her with stockings and garter, a bra and falsies (to give her BIG breasts), and a sheer babydoll on top. As soon as jessie delivers (on the spanking and the dressing up), I will share it here.

Good luck, jessica. I will forward the note soonest, keeping it short and sweet for a busy salesgirl this time.

And remember jessie, especially now that you are mine, while I do allow masturbation, I also do require that the young lady in question clean up her mess with her tongue, and swallow every last drop while thanking me silently for the privilege of being allowed to ejaculate. And do remember that there are many women in my situation who would absolutely not allow their subbies such a luxury, and would insist on the purchase of a chasitity belt and being mailed the key. So you can also thank your lucky stars as you swallow your ejaculate.

And now you are in panties for at least a week. If not longer.


Saturday, September 27

Husband punished for staring at my niece's ass!

The title says it all. My 15 year old (!) niece was staying with us to attend a dance course in the city. She is a very beautiful young lady, and has a lovely lithe dancer's body. I am happy to report that david was a complete gentleman around her at all times - except for one time...

Yup. I caught him staring at her ass!!! She was lounging around the house wearing tight little dance shorts, but is that any excuse? She's only 15!!!

Thank goodness she did not see him do it. But I sure did. While he was staring at her ass, I was staring into his eyes with a glare on my face. When he looked up, he saw that I saw, and looked very sheepish about it. He knew at that moment that he would be receiving a punishment for that as soon as we had the house to ourselves again, and I did not dissapoint.

And no, my niece was not invited to watch. Although I think she needs a little corrupting, as she is such a serious and focused young lady, but it can wait until she grows up.

I finally had the opportunity yesterday. I started off by asking him if he thought it was appropriate that he be staring at a 15 year old girl's bottom? He knew what was good for him. He said it was not at all appropriate, and that it was a lapse, and that he was very sorry.

I asked him what he was thinking when he was staring at her ass? Was he thinking of FUCKING HER??? He swore he wasn't. I guess I believed him. Although I must admit I can't stare at a pretty male ass without thinking about fucking it with my strap-on, but who knows how men think? At any rate, I wasn't going to let him off that easy. He seemed so repulsed about my suggestion that he was thinking of fucking her, that I thought I would use that as my theme. So I accused him again of thinking those thoughts about my niece, and assured him that his punishment would fit his crime.

I told him to go upstairs, strip, and get into his pink lacy panties and his matching brassiere and breast forms. Then to come down into the living room and put his nose against the wall, his hands on his head, and to wait for me. I told him he would be receiving a very strict paddling across my knee, followed by a severe strapping bent over the back of the couch. I told him that he would think twice about staring at another teenager's bottom after I had punished him!

He quickly did as he was told. I love that he still gets so embarrassed to be put into his bra and panties. He minces around with little steps and blushes a fury. And in the living room, he is visible from the front door. What if a charity worker were to knock, or if I were to order delivery? Would I let him off of his time-out? I think not! And if he was seen, well he would just have to thank his lucky stars that his bottom wasn't yet red with his panties pulled down to show it off as is often the case. Or that he was not required to perform time-out with his anus plugged, or tied up with his genitals humbled behind his thighs...

I let him stay with his nose against the wall contemplating his spanking for over an hour. This was a punishment, after all. And when I mean "nose against the wall" I am very serious about that. He is pushed up against the wall until his nose is literally touching the wall, and then he must hold a coin up with his nose. If the coin drops, he knows he would be across my knee for a hairbrush spanking and then it would be back against the wall, starting his time-out all over again, with his real spanking still due.

And with his nose against the wall, his breasts also moosh up against the wall, which is funny.

As he stood there, I made a point of walking by him several times, my heels clicking against the floor as I passed. He stood there obediently each time I went to check on him. After the first 45 minutes, I walked up to him, pulled his panties down to his knees, and told him to not let them drop. Let him spend the last 15 minutes with his bottom bare, so he can focus on what will happen next.

I gathered up the little souvenir hardwood canoe paddle, and the twin-tailed leather strap, and went back down into the living room. I then placed his spanking chair in front of the fireplace, facing out, and sat.

I told him to pull up his panties and to come over to me. I asked him if he enjoyed his time-out? He said "no ma'am". I told him he'd enjoy what's coming up even less, and that I would make him wish he was back in time-out with his little tits pushed against the wall. He looks sooo funny with his lacy bra and panties, and his big breasts!

I motioned him across my knee. He bent right over, like an obedient little girl, and I told him so. I immediately lowered his panties to his knees. He would not be getting any protection for his ass whatsoever for this spanking.

When I had him in that vulnerable position, I re-iterated how inappropriate it was for him to be oogling my niece's ass, or any teenager's ass for that matter. I told him that was why he was now across my knee, with his panties lowered, forced to wear a bra and falsies, and about to receive the paddling of his life!

I then started in on his paddling. No warm-up. He received 200 hundred swats, each of them good and hard. I had a short break after each 25. He was howling and his ass was dark red and turning white in the centers. It was a VERY EFFECTIVE spanking, I can say that.

I actually had him bent quite far over my knee, more like in the following photo.

I ordered him to put his left hand behind my back on my ass, and with his right hand to grab my ankle. As I continued to spank, he clutched frantically at my ass and ankle. "Is that what you wanted to do to her???" I asked. "Did you want to grab her ass like you're grabbing mine now?? Huh??!?"

"no no please no!!" and so on. 200 hard and fast with that paddle is NO JOKE, I can assure you of that.

I let him up and he immediately clutched his bottom. I know some Dommes don't allow their sub's to rub at all, but I find it funny, watching him try to rub the sting away.

At this stage his panties were hanging on only tenuously from one of his ankles, what with all the kicking that had preceded. I told him to pull is panties back up and to go back and face the wall while I got myself a glass of water and readied for the next stage of his punishment which would be a very severe rump roasting courtesy of my strap.

For this spanking he would be bent across the back of the couch. Our couch is great for this, because the couch back is quite high and once I get going his feet leave the floor and he is quite helpless. He also is presented most submissively for a good dose of the strap oil, with the underside of his butt highly available for the leathering, and his cheeks well-parted and anus on display if I care to wrap the strap around his inner cleft (which I do care to do).

Once I had the couch arranged with enough room for me to swing my strap, I got him out from the wall and told him to remove his panties and hand them to me. He looked nervous as I had the strap in my hand and he knew how serious I was from the paddling. He did as he was told, stripping himself bare naked from the waist down, though I let him keep his brassiere so that his big tits would be modestly covered throughout his hard strapping.

I leaned over him, pushing myself against him, and stuffed his panties into his mouth. I then stepped back and measured my strap against his bottom. I told him he would be taught to not stare at any teenager's ass. I pulled my arm back high above me, and whipped low on his ass as hard as I could with a strong follow through. He stiffened and screamed into his panty gag at the force of the blow across the under curves of his bum. He needed to understand that I was serious about this, and I thought that only a serious strapping would do. I pushed him back down onto the couch, and gave him his second stroke, as hard as the first and to the same spot. Having gotten his attention, I delivered the next few with somewhat less force, but so that I could aim the tip of the strap for maximum effect. He received strokes to his bum, the backs of his thighs, his inner thigh, and his inner cleft nearest his anus. I also lined up directly behind him, and gave him some vertical strokes, once again not neglecting his vulnerable ass cleft.

I reached between his legs and roughly pulled out his cock and balls. I squeezed his balls and asked him if was he thinking of fucking my niece when he stared at her like that?? He pleaded "no no" into his panty gag as I squeezed. I made him push his legs together with his balls out behind. I then repositioned myself and lowered the strap directly across his balls. "If you even THINK about fucking a girl that age, I'll take this strap to your balls and make sure you never have those thoughts again, you freaking pervert."

"nooo... nooo... nooo...." he whined.

"I'll give you one hard one across your balls to teach you your lesson." I said.

"NOOOO! NOOOO!" He screamed, but to my surprise, he stayed put, his balls vulnerable. I pulled the strap back, and tapped it down onto his balls several times as be begged me not to through his panty gag. I pulled back fast and whipped down hard across his lower ass, missing his balls (as intended). Oh my did he scream on that one, even though it was not nearly as hard as the first few (I had to aim carefully, after all!)

His ass was a mess of dark red, and bruising up purple in places. Ahhhhh!

I grabbed him by the hair and started pulling him up the stairs towards the bedroom. I threw him onto the bed on his back and told him to lift his legs and keep them there. I shoved a pillow underneath his hips to elevate his ass. I then put on my strap-on and pulled off my top. While he would keep his bra on, I would be bare breasted for this fucking! I lubed him and fucked him, missionary style, with his ankles up in the air like the little slut he is.

I pulled his panty gag out of his mouth, and felt up his tits as I fucked him. I told him "Look me in the eye, while I fuck you!" We locked eyes, and I took him with my eyes at the same time as my cock took his tight little ass. I saw his eyes wander down to my bouncing tits. "My eyes are up here, bitch!" I told him.

"Is this what you wanted to do to my niece, huh? Did you want to fuck her like this? Huh?" I grilled him as my cock jack-hammered his boy pussy. "No. No. Never!" he swore.  I fucked harder, faster, and deeper. I broke a sweat. I told him to grab my waist with his hands as I continued his hard fucking. My breasts and waist were glistening with the sweat of my exertions. I actually came from his fucking... nice!

I dismounted him, and lay beside him, pushing my tits up against his face. I told him to jerk himself off, as I wanted to see that. He started rubbing his cock. I told him that when my niece gets older, I'll tell her what he did and how he was punished, in glorious detail. He rubbed harder and moaned at that. The little slut IS turned on by my niece. I told him that I'd ask her if she wanted to punish him also, and take him in the ass for his lewd thoughts about her bottom that time. He said a feeble "nooo". I pulled him into my breast, fed him my nipple, and ordered him to suck on me as he came, like a little baby. He sucked on me violently and rubbed his cock furiously and exploded onto his chest and tummy.

He looked complacent, so I quickly got up, grabbed my handy riding crop, and started whipping at the fronts of his legs and at his cock telling him to clean himself up, into his mouth, every last drop, and swallow it down. Whip whip whip. He moved fast!  When he was all cleaned up I flipped him over and gave him 12 hard strokes with the crop across his already super sore-looking ass. He screamed but it only lasted a few seconds, as I was quick and hard!

What do I really think about a man his age oogling a fifteen year old girl's ass? I genuinely think he shouldn't, because I would not want her to catch him at it. But it is a very pretty ass, and completely grown up looking, so I can't fault him as too much of a perv, as even I noticed and admired it, and she did seem to flaunt it shamelessly. So, so long as he behaves himself in a gentlemanly manner always, makes no sexual innuendos or anything of the kind taking into account her tender years, then I can't really fault him too much, but I did need a good pretense for a hard punishment, which he has not received in a while, and this seemed ideal.

Another interesting point involving my niece. She was left alone in our home for several hours after her mum dropped her and before either david or I got home from work. Now I don't know about you all, but if i was that age, in that situation, I would FOR SURE snoop my aunt and uncle's bedroom, For sure. She wouldn't need to snoop for too long to find our toy collection, including his XL-sized lingerie, as it is in the bedside drawers. We also keep some photos from the Internet in there, of men being spanked and ass-fucked by women. I have them there mainly for the benefit of the cleaning lady, in case she has occasion to open those drawers, she should know who wears the pants in the family.

Now honest too goodness, it didn't even occur to me until too late that this was a distinct possibility, or I might have hidden them away somewhere (though at her age, I would have found them wherever they were hidden!). Oh well. Perhaps she knows her Uncle David is my little bitch? She does seem to have a funny little smile on her face whenever she interacts with him... Hmmmm...

Thursday, August 14

Wrap-Around Inside the Cleft and then Fucked

Have you ever wrapped a strap around to the inside of the cleft? I can now say I have, in spades!

After replying to comments on my blog I usually take some time to check out some of the other blogs on my blogroll. I find they often give me inspiration regarding what to try with david next. I was surfing one blog that pointed me to a tumblr site where I saw a strapping that intrigued me.

It was a doubled-up leather strap that was used on this poor girl. The position and aiming of that strap was just cruel and the girl seemed to be really suffering (all of which I approve of, naturally!). Presumably she wanted it.

She is very much bent over so that the skin stretches tight across her ass. david tells me this really reduces the natural padding of the butt and makes the strokes very hard to take.  Every stroke on the right cheek "wrapped around" to the thinner unpadded skin around the sides. I've done that sometimes to david. Mostly accidentally, sometimes "accidentally". What can I say? I like the marks. Let the bitch suffer. And never, ever apologize!

But here is what intrigued me most of all. The spanker alternated cheeks and never varied the placement of the strokes on each cheek. On the cheek nearer to him, he also "wrapped around", but the wrapping around was down into the butt crack. In the case of this video it was just spank after spank after spank all wrapping around to the exact same spot, over and over and over again. Cool.

Here's some results:

I circled the area that interested me. Isn't that awesome?!

I had visions of doing that to david, but equally on both sides, meaning I would have to keep changing sides and wrapping that leather around into his crack. I imagined targeting the area inside the cleft just beside his bum hole on either side, and trying my hardest to avoid anyplace else on his ass whatsoever. But just going after those two spots absolutely relentlessly. Way over the top. On and on and on. And then... fucking him so the dildo slid right past those painful spots! Ouch Ouch Ouch!

So that's exactly what I did the other night! No sense getting all inspired like this and not acting on it when you have a willing submissive right there in your very own bed.

Now, david does not mark that easily on his ass, so I thought I needed to bring out some big guns to get my desired result. What I used was a belt that I usually use to restrain him with, but that I have belt whipped him with before.

It's quite heavy leather and has a rough texture and so can deliver a very sound whipping. I almost always double it up. But notice the very tip if you will.

It's metal. I have whipped his ass with the tip before. Not a full out swing or anything. I shortened down on my grip and gave it a nice snap. Any boy did it leave marks! When I "accidentally" wrapped it around it left nice perfect little triangular marks on the far side of his hips. I did that deliberately once in the morning as I knew he was going for a cheek-baring massage at noon! Ha Ha!

Her: "Ohh! What happened?"
Him: "Duh.. Uhh.. Mountain biking... Uhh..."

Anyhow, long and short of it was that I thought that would be my perfect whipping implement. I practiced by putting some pink sticky notes on a pillow and seeing if I could exactly hit my target with the tip of the belt. I shredded quite a few stickies.

Time for the big event!

I told him to go upstairs and get himself ready for a belt whipping and an ass fucking. "Come get me when you're ready. In your panties please."

When he came to get me I was down in the laundry room doing the folding. He just stood there and said "ready Ma'am."

I played dumb and said "Ready for what, sweetie?"

"Ready for my belt whipping and my ass fucking, Ma'am," he answered with a big blush on his face and a tent in his panties.

"Oh My Goodness!" I said in mock surprise. "Is that really something you want???"

That question always gets him. His turn on is to be "made to", but he really does want it.

This time he answered 'in-scene' with a "No Ma'am."

I patted his cheek and said, "Well in that case we'll forget all about it, ok?" And I promptly went back to folding laundry with him still standing there in his little panties, all confused.

"I guess, I suppose, I do need it Ma'am," he tried.

"Really??? What kind of 'man' needs to be belt whipped and fucked in the ass by his wife?" I asked him.

"This kind, Ma'am," he said.

"Well. In that case. Beg me for it. Down on your knees. Beg for it."

He got down on his knees, put his hands together in prayer, and begged: "Oh Please Ma'am. Please! Please whip my ass with your belt and then fuck me in the ass. Please!"

"I don't know," I said. "I've done that an awful lot, I'm kinda bored with it."

"Please Ma'am! Please! I need it. Please!!" he said, sounding a little desperate.

"Will you be my good little bitch tonight, and take whatever I dish out? I'll be hard on you. I might use the buckle end..."

"Yes Ma'am, I'll be your good little bitch, Ma'am"

"You see that you are! Now go back to the bedroom, stand in the corner, pull down your panties to your knees and stand there with your hands on your head until I come up to start your belt whipping. And if you're smart, you'll be scared!"

"Yes Ma'am!" He said.

"And don't think for a minute you'll get fucked with your smaller dildo. It'll be Adam. Either that or you get nothing and you'll sleep with a ball gag in your mouth and mittens duct-taped onto your hands!"

"Yes Ma'am!" He repeated and scurried away back upstairs to do as he was told.

Ahhhh! Power trip! And in case you were wondering, I was serious about the ball gag and the mittens if he did not consent to bum sex with Adam. Domme wife 101: never threaten something you're not willing to follow through on.

After I finished the folding -- and I took my time, savoring the thought of him standing in the corner, quaking with his panties around his knees, not knowing what he had just asked for or how bad I would make it -- I started upstairs with a laundry basket in hand.

There he was. Exactly as he had been told. "Turn around, keep your hands on your head. Look at me." I thought he should witness the preparations. His cock was huge and throbbing.

I needed a position for his whipping so that I could easily get to both sides. We have a well made bed that is fairly high off the ground and has a rising curved foot-board. Much like the one in the image below.

I decided I would bend him over the end of it. I piled some pillows on the bed, and also a couple on the wood. Then I went to the night table and got out the belt of correction.

I put that just to the side of the bed. I then went back and got out Adam and my strap-on harness and the KY lube. I put that all ready on the other side of the bed.

david was watching all of this with trepidation, but with a twitching erection nonetheless.

"boy are you ever going to get it" I said out loud to myself as I got this ready.

"Bend over," I said to him, pointing to the end of the bed. He bent over the pillows. The height was perfect. I can't believe I've never tried this position before! He had to point his toes to have his feet at all on the ground. He would be kicking up a storm before too long. I love it when his feet are dangling in the air.

I took his panties all the way off and told him to spread his legs more. "Open!" I said, and I stuffed his panties into his mouth. Wouldn't do to have the neighbors calling the cops.

His private parts and his asshole were nicely on view.

I stood to the right side of him, and started in on his whipping. I did ten strokes in a row, allowing the metal tip to wrap around the inside of his near cheek. His well-displayed bumhole made a great vertical reference point. He was quite vocal during even the first ten, and squirmed between the strokes. I then went around to the other side of him and repeated the strokes to the inside if his right bum cheek, all just beside his bum hole. I kept using my right hand, as I felt I did not have the proper aim down with my left. This meant I had to contort a little, and the strokes came from a slightly different angle, but it was no big deal. He was already marking.

But as promised, he stayed put and was taking it like my good little bitch.

After those ten, I went around back to his other side and delivered another ten. Rinse and repeat. I was slow, deliberate, and inexorable. I didn't say a word. I just kept going and going. His only certainty was that after ten were delivered to the one side, I would walk around to the other and do another ten to that side. There was no doubt where the strokes were going. All to the exact same two spots. I didn't miss at all the whole time. Over and over and over again, as I had imagined.

Baby was definitely made to suffer. He whimpered little "no no please"s into his panty gag, his thighs were shaking, and he had the stink of sweat on him. The smell of him turned me on!

The little spots I was aiming for were dark, dark red and getting blue and purpled with bruising. The first couple harder ones left the distinctive triangle mark, but by now all the marks had merged together into a bit of a painful looking mess.

Artist's representation! Thanks Evan!
I just kept going, though. Honestly, I lost count, but there must have been at least ten cycles, so at least 200 strokes, and possibly more.

"Hands up!" I told him. He put his hands out in front of himself. I used the belt to tie his wrists tightly together.

"Forward!" I said, as I grabbed his balls from behind for encouragement and he scampered forward awkwardly towards the headboard. I positioned him with his bound hands in front of him, his face on the bed, kneeling with his knees spread a bit, and beaten ass up in the air. This is where I needed him so that I could best fuck him from behind. I got out his smaller dildo, lubed it, and shoved it up his ass. It would stretch him to get him a bit more ready to take Adam.

I then donned my strap on. I made him watch me as I fastened it around myself. Big teary eyes. Panty gag in his mouth. Dildo sticking out of his ass.

I knelt up on the bed near his face. I took out the panty gag and replaced it with Adam. I usually require him to suck me off first before he gets the cock in his ass. I think most women do.

I pulled out, replaced his panty gag, went behind him, and worked the smaller dildo around inside him with my hand for a bit. I took it out and then placed Adam's big tip against his asshole. I applied pressure, and slowly Adam got gobbled up by my husband's hungry asshole, not without the usual bevvy of girlish complaints along the way, of course.

I started sliding in and out. I used my thumbs to spread his cheeks, pushing my thumbnails right into the sorest looking part. Ouch Ouch No! Ouch! He said. Then I pressed his haunches together, and let the dildo slide across his punished inner cheeks as I fucked him.

I fucked and fucked and fucked. It felt nice against my pussy. There's a certain point with Adam where he really, really does not want to get fucked anymore. I go to that point and past it. Not a lot past it. Just enough to make sure that he learns who uses the cock in this marriage, who bends over and takes it like a bitch, and who decides when the fucking is over. When I thought he had gotten to the point where he fully appreciated those things, that's when I stopped and pulled out.

A little bit of a mess, as usual when I go that deep, quickly taken care of with paper towels.

I put him on his back, took the panties out of his mouth, and mounted his face. I made him lick my pussy as I hand-jobbed his cock.

I came a couple of times, and before I let him cum I had him confirm aloud who was the little bitch in our relationship. He mumbled that nicely several times into my soppy wet cunt before I allowed him his release and clean-up.

I love doing shit like this to my husband!!!!!

Thursday, July 31

Feminine Males

The other day I was trying to open a jar, and then david came and opened it no problem. Got me thinking...

What if women had this genetic thing that made their muscles somehow more efficient than mens'? Dating back to cave times. Women would still be smaller and sleeker, and men more bulky, but we would be way stronger.

I imagine women would have had their way with the men. If we saw something we liked, we would have stalked it down to the stream, and then pounced! Put the men on their backs, stripped off their clothes, teased their little clitties until they were hard, and then ridden them! When the inevitable babies came, we would have tossed them to the males to take care of. Don't want to? Do you want this stick across your ass? I thought not. It would have been a survival skill for men to lactate and feed the babies. yummy

As society developed, "men" would have likely been called women, and put into subservient roles. I don't doubt that fashion would have been 100% opposite of what it is in our world. "Men" would be in skirts and dresses to allow easy access to their genitalia for sex, or asses for punishment. Large breasts in "men" would be sexy, and so they would put on bras and falsies to lure us women.

But if they pissed us off? Oh yes, the belt would come off and we'd give them something to cry about!

Hmmmm... A girl can dream!

Friday, July 11

At the Cottage with Sister and slaveboy

My family has a cottage on a lake about three hours drive north of the city. My sister and I decided to go up a day early and make my husband into our little slaveboy.

This is how it happened. We were trying to coordinate a weekend together: my Mom and Dad, david and I, my older sister Sue (whom you know), and my younger sister and her family. We decided on the weekend we would do it and we were all set.

As nobody else was going up early (including my Mom and Dad, who normally would, but had a commitment in the city), I had the thought that perhaps david and I could take the Friday off, go up a day early, and I could scene him at the cottage for a change of pace. I phoned Sue to tell her my idea and ask if she cared to join in.

Sue is great. She is very secure and open minded about this sort of fun, considers it kinky playtime is all, and is up for watching and participating in lots of things, and with a smile, and in the spirit of  scening my boy. And she has no hangups or issues about nudity or touching. And she genuinely enjoys spanking a boy's or girl's bum! She likes girls best, but definitely enjoys my husband as an exception as he is a very good and safe submissive.

Sue thought it would be fun. She checked her schedule and found that she was able to take the Friday off as well. So it was a date. We decided to kill two birds with one stone. The cottage really needed a thorough "spring cleaning" so we decided we would have david do that as we lounged by the lake, weather permitting. david's carrot would be our sticks! We decided that between the two of us we would keep him well-spanked while he cleaned. That would be our contribution to the cottage cleaning.

As a "grand finale" I asked Sue if it would be ok, as a reward for good cleaning, if I were to bend my little housewife face down across the table and fuck his ass while she watched. She laughed and said she would enjoy seeing that. I asked if she would like to do the honors? She declined on that one. I knew she would but thought I would offer. She considers that sort of thing too sexual to participate in, though she says, and I quote, that it makes her happy to watch a loving wife such as me do that to her naughty husband.

I did not fill david in on the details of what we had planned, but did tell him that Sue would be joining us on Friday and that we three would have the cottage to ourselves, and he knew what that meant!

On the fateful day last week, david and I arrived in our car just after 11am on Friday. It was a hot and beautiful day. I did the packing in the morning before we left, and packed the hardwood paddle, the hairbrush, the strap, the strap-on harness, and two sizes of dildo. While david did not know exactly what I packed,  I teased him on the way up that between Sue and I and what I had packed, he would have such a red bum and sore bumhole by the time the others arrived that he would not be able to sit all weekend!

We arrived before Sue and opened the place up and did a few chores. Sue got a bit of a later start and arrived around noon. The lake was still quiet (it would liven up come the weekend) and the others were not due until around 6pm or so. We told david that he was ours until 4pm, after which we would revert to vanilla well in time for the others' arrival. That left 4 hours of slaveboy and spanking time!

We informed david that "us girls" were intending to get us some brownie points from Mom for doing the spring cleaning before she arrived, and that david would be making sure the cottage was cleaned to within an inch of its life as a result. We informed david that he would be doing all of the cleaning while Sue and I relaxed on the dock. And he would serve us while he was at it.

Sue and I both changed into our bikinis (Yay! Bikinis!).

We conferred briefly, and decided david was to strip bare naked and remain that way as long as he was our acting slaveboy.

I find it really fun playing with david together with Sue. It's so nice to play with somebody you trust completely and who is just as "into it" as yourself. It also brings us a lot closer, to share this "little secret" as we do! And I also love that david gets so excited when "the sisters" domme him.

To help better motivate him, we decided he should go about his cleaning with a sore red ass. Also, both of us would make periodic visits into the cottage to check up on him and refresh his bum. I also let david know that at the end, as a reward for the no doubt great job he would be doing on the house chores, that he would be rewarded like a good housewife by bending over and receiving sex from me as Sue cheered us on. I knew that would keep his anticipation level high!

We started him off with a pair of good hard spankings. I let Sue do the honors first, as she had not spanked him for quite some time. She elected to use the light hardwood paddle. She sat on an armless wooden chair in the center of the main room in her bikini, and took him across her knee. I could tell david liked that part! In a very sweet voice she informed him that she would beat that naughty erection right out of him and proceeded to do exactly that with a blistering application of paddle to backside (though she warmed him up first with her hand, which did not help that erection at all judging by the amount of squirming going on across her lap!). I was surprised that his erection went down at all, what with all that wriggling his private parts all over Sue's bare thighs and his side all up against Sue's bare tummy. And Sue is very good looking and dommy! I guess she did a good job with that paddle...

When Sue was done with him I led him over to the overstuffed arm of the sofa and bent him over it. I then used the strap to add to his blistering. As I strapped him I asked him if he would be doing a great job on the housework? He insisted, over and over again, that he would!

With him now in a nice submissive frame of mind, we showed him where the cleaning supplies were kept, and set him to vacuuming,  scrubbing floors, cleaning the kitchen sinks and appliances, and cleaning the bathrooms. All in the buff.

With that, Sue and I went to the dock to chat and sun ourselves. We told david to come along in a half hour when the rosé had chilled to serve us the wine.

We could hear the vacuum going as we settled ourselves on the dock and gave each other a "high-five". Having a submissive husband had its perks!

After a while, david came up to us with a tray bearing two glasses and a glistening bottle of rosé wine. Only one problem: he had put his bathing suit on!!

We interrogated him about this. He assumed that the dock was sort of public, and that others on the lake might see him, so assumed he should put on a bathing suit. We informed him of how wrong he was. We could see the other docks from where we were, and they were quite deserted. I told Sue I would take care of this.

I had him put down the wine beside Sue and then strip of his bathing suit, right there in the "great outdoors!". He looked bashful! I then ear-walked him all the way back to the cottage. There I got a pair of pruning scissors and a knife and gave them to him. I pointed him towards the woods and told him to cut and prepare for me and Sue a whippy switch, and when he was done to present it to us at the dock for inspection, and he better be bare this time!

I watched him as he wiggled his bare red bum towards the woods. There were a lot of mosquitoes in the woods, and I could see him swatting at them. I hoped they wouldn't attack his "delicate parts". I left him to his task.

I went back to the dock and told Sue what I had been up to. She approved and was looking forward to seeing the effects of his switch on his backside.

david returned with switch in hand. This time in the buff. I made him stand there holding the "instrument of his correction" while Sue and I ignored him for a while and finished our glasses of wine.

He looked to be very nervous, standing there in the all together right out there by the lake, sporting a hard on. I was keeping a sharp eye out for potential observers, though, and so far the coast was clear.

Sue and I stood up and we took david back a little bit back from the dock to an old tree stump. I put a towel down on the stump and told david to bend over it for his switching. I reminded him why he was being switched, and then proceeded to whip his ass cheeks. It was exciting to be doing this outside! I was getting hot and wet under my bikini. I would need a swim afterwards. He was draped in such a way over that stump that his cock and balls were on display between his legs. I loved how they dangled and danced as I whipped him!

I whipped in some hard ones and was rewarded with some nice lines. Sue took up position to continue his switching. I told her to be careful not the switch the backs of his thighs, as I would be making him wear his bathing suit that weekend regardless and then everybody would know he got a switchin'! Of course, Sue played with the switch over the backs of his thighs, and even whipped it down lightly a bit. But she did confine her more serious switching to his buns as I did.

The switching seemed to be a little hard for him to take judging by the muffled noises he was making and the "breaststroke" leg action in mid air. Nonetheless, Sue enjoyed whipping him with the switch as well, and added some extra stripes over his already red-striped backside.

We sent him back to the cottage to re-chill our wine and to continue his house chores.

Over the next couple of hours, we each took turns going in and checking up on his progress. Each time we went in we freshened up his bottom with another spanking. It was fun! Sue would head up towards the cottage while I stayed by the dock. I could then hear the sounds of a spanking (wood on flesh plus little male howls of pain). And then Sue would bounce back and let me know he was again "hard" at work.

Once when I went up I went in to find him on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floors, his bum a dusky rose colour. After I hairbrush-spanked him back to shiny red, I stood him up, got some soapy lather on my hands, and teased his cock until it was twitching and straining and his knees were week. I then set him back to his scrubbing with a raging hard on. Ha Ha!

At around 3:00 I went up to the cottage. david looked like he had done a good job and was getting near the end. I told him to finish up in the next fifteen minutes and then to make sure he was properly prepared to take Adam (his big dildo) up his bum in front of Sue. I gave him a few more detailed instructions regarding my expectations of him. I got a "Yes Ma'am" and a deep flush from his cheeks.

Around 3:30 Sue and I went for a dip and then we dried off and went back to the cottage. It was beautifully clean for my parents' and little sister's arrival. All the cleaning supplies were neatly put away. david was standing bare naked with his nose in the corner holding the smaller dildo in his bum with his hand. As per my instructions, he had been working that smaller dildo in and and out of his bum to try to prepare himself for his fucking from Adam. But he went to just holding it there in his bum when we entered. I guess he was bashful.

We'll have none of that! "Show Sue what you've been doing with that dildo to get yourself ready for me." I told him.

While still facing the corner he bent his knees a bit, jutting out his bum, and started fucking his rear with the dildo in his hand. Pushing it in and out and twizzling it around up there. Quel slut! But I know he loves being shamed like this by me in front of another woman.

Susan said something along the lines of that ought to make his little hole ready for me.

I picked up my strap and let it dangle from my hand. "Turn around, take it out, and show it to us." I told him. Let the shaming continue.

He looked pained but started doing as he was told. He knew that if there was any mess on that dildo, after he had been warned and given ample time to prepare himself for me, he would not only have to show us both a dirty dildo, but also be strapped on his ass until the tears flowed.

It was clean.

"Put in the bathroom sink, and bring me my strap-on harness and Adam."

david scurried to do as he was told. Sue was amused. She had seen david get an ass-fucking from me before, last time I believe was very memorably in front of her girlfriend at the time as well, but not for a long while.

When david returned I had him kneel at my feet and fasten my strap-on harness onto me, with Adam in it. Since he was down there anyways, I guided Adam into his mouth and had him give me head.

Sue's a bit of a cheerleader  type, and egged him on with cries of "suck it, baby!" and the like.

I pulled out of his mouth and then keeping his head there I gently slapped at his cheeks with Adam and said "you know what's next..."

I took him by the arm and led him over to the rough wooden dining table. I lay down a towel and bent him over the end of the table.

I told him to spread his cheeks, and to look up and look Sue in the eye. Sue was standing there in her bikini with her arms crossed over her breasts and a little grin on her face.

"You're 'gonna get a fucking now!" she said to him.

"Where's the lube?" I asked him. He told me it was in the bathroom. I went to get it. You think he would have thought of that when I asked for the dildo?? He'd be getting it just a little bit harder and a little bit longer for making me do that.

He stayed in position, looking up at Sue and holding his cheeks spread. I lubed his hole and then lubed Adam. Then I put the tip up against his rosebud and started gently pressuring it in. Adam is always hard for him to take. Good thing he had prepared himself, though!

"Take it. Take it" said Sue by way of encouragement.

I had to reach over and grab him by the hair to make him keep his head up and locking eyes with Sue.

"no no no no no please!!!" he said as I started gently pushing it in. Yes yes yes yes yes! And in it went. david took a big gasp. I then started gently fucking him, starting with only an inch at a time but building up to deeper and deeper thrusts. He still can't take Adam all the way up his bum ("kind of "balls deep" you know?) but within an inch is still bearable for him. So I gave him some nice long in and out thrusts. I made him keep his head raised the whole time. As I fucked him, we both praised him on what a good little homemaker he was, and what a good "wife" he made.

I pulled out (much to his relief) and wiped the slightly dirty lube off of him with some paper towels Sue handed to me.

I asked him if he wanted to cum? He said he did. I asked Sue if we should let him look at us in our bikinis as he jerked off? She thought that was acceptable. I went over to him and dribbled lube onto his cock. He had to dive to catch it in his hands and keep it from messing up his clean floors. So Sue and I stood there with our arms around one another while we watched david stand there and squeeze one out. (TOTAL SLUT!) He came quickly and caught it all in his hand.

"You know what to do with that," I told him. He again looked bashful but took his hand to his mouth, licked it all up, blushed, and then swallowed it all down like the little tramp he is.

His cock was soft and glistened with a mixture of cum and lube. And his asshole was no doubt still luby as well. I pointed him towards the lake and he ran down for a skinny dip.

The family arrived later on, and my mom especially commented on how great a job "us girls" did with the cleaning. We took ALL the praise and confirmed her sex role stereotyping by telling her that we made david sit by the dock and relax the whole time. I am happy building up his male ego in public, while Sue and I obliterate it in private. Ha ha!

Sunday, June 22

Sex Last Night

My husband and I had sex last night. As always, I called all the shots.

This time I decided we would do a "69" with a twist. We got on the bed, both bare naked, in the classic 69 position.

Only I was not going to use my mouth on him. I was going to use my hand in various ways.

I had him licking me the entire time, making sure his face was nicely buried in me.

First I inserted his bum toy for him, the vibrating Lux prostate stimulator.

It plugs into the wall for a recharge, and then packs quite a wallop! It has a little button on it. The longer I hold it the more intense the vibration gets. I start out middle of the road, and crank it up when I want to. I insert it so that the hooked end nestles between bum hole and balls. I hope that's right? Seems to do the job at any rate.

For this insertion he gets the KY Lube.

I coat the toy, and I also put some on my fingers and push it up into his bum hole.

It's always a bit uncomfortable for him as it goes in, but nestles in nicely once accomplished.

I turned the Lux onto medium and then put away the lube. You have to understand, I am doing all of this while he is licking out my pussy. Hard to concentrate!

So far I have not yet touched his cock or balls (except by accident). His cock is rock hard and straining towards me. I keep my distance (wouldn't want to get poked in the eye with that!)

Next I get out the baby oil.

Lube I find is good (and safe) for penetrations, but not for hand jobs. For hand jobs I much prefer the baby oil which stays slippier longer and has a nicer feel on my hand.

I then rub the oil into his cock and balls. He's still licking, though he falters momentarily but then snaps right back into it as he realizes.

He squeezes his legs together. Somehow his balls wind up in back and his cock out front. I use my two hands. With one I'm fondling, squeezing, and tugging his balls from behind.  With the other I'm stroking his cock. Sometimes I move from his balls to the vibrator in his butt, and play with that a little.

I can tell how close he is to cumming by how fast and hard he laps at my pussy! He cums from cock stimulation (mainly tip as far as i can tell), so I leave off his cock when he gets too frantic and concentrate on his butt and balls. He DOES NOT get to cum before I do! I tell him so: I'll strap your ass black and blue if you cum before me... He starts licking me even more frantically. Mmmmm!

I hold on around his hips and grind my pussy into his face. Ahhhhh! First orgasm for me!

"Keep licking..." I tell him. He knows to be more gentle just after I cum. I will likely cum again, but it's his turn now.

I push his cock back behind his legs as well. I nuzzle up closer and get both hands behind him. I turn the vibrator up to full power. I put some more oil on my hands and then onto his cock, balls, and butt cheeks. He moans.

I start spanking him. Hard hand spanks to his oily cheeks. I alternate that with hand jobbing his cock, tugging and kneading on his balls, and pushing on the vibrator.

I end it by stroking the shaft up to the tip of his cock as I spank his cheeks as hard as I can, the vibrator still humming away full blast. It will need a good recharging tonight!

He buries his face hard into my pussy. His tongue is paralyzed, though. He cums onto the backs of his thighs.

I roll him over towards his tummy to keep the mess on his thighs and not on the duvet cover as I untangle myself from him and get up. I turn off the vibrator but leave it lodged where it is. Don't move, I tell him.

I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, and wet a hot washcloth. I bring back the washcloth and a small dry towel. Before I clean him, I scoop up as much cum as I can with my fingers from the backs of his legs and feed it to him. I make him lick and suck on my fingers until they are clean, and until he has swallowed his own full load. That's a rule in my house and my bed: my husband eats what he ejaculates.

I clean him with the nice hot washcloth, and then dry him off.

I take the hairbrush from the bedside table. I take him by the arm and have him stand. He is still weak kneed. I sit on the side of the bed  and pull him across my knee. "Oh no! Please!" he begs. My david is not so excited to be spanked after an ejaculation. "Oh Yes!" I say, and I start laying into him with the hairbrush. The vibrator is still sticking out of his butt. I like how it wiggles around as I spank. I give him a good blistering 100 with the hairbrush. Hey! He's the one who first asked me to spank him!

I let him up to go to the bathroom and take the vibrator out in privacy. I have a little cat who ate the canary grin on my face as I watch his red cheeks wobble towards the ensuite.

Sex Julie style!